22 thoughts on “Benefits of Coconut Milk

  • AniekBoer

    i love you!!!! masterchef Australia is now in the Netherlands and my family
    and me are big fans!!!!

  • Anna Wilhelm

    If I want to buy coconut milk, what’s the best brand to buy?? 🙂 I’ve heard
    it’s amazing and have always wanted to try it!! Haha thanks for making this

  • The Healthy Cook

    I did a Masters in Exercise Science, and a few nutrition papers, however
    you can never stop learning

  • The Healthy Cook

    Ayam is a great brand as it has the highest portion of Coconut extract and
    doesn’t have any citric acid

  • The Healthy Cook

    They are different components, the milk comes from the flesh, whilst the
    water is found when you break in through the husk. As they are different
    they both offer a variation in nutrition. I use coconut water in a number
    of my smoothies as it is high in electrolytes which is great for hydration.
    Its also great in balancing your bodies pH levels as it is high in an
    alkaline components. It has the capacity to prevent fatigue. Does this help?

  • The Healthy Cook

    Hi, Great question. Obviously the need to repair damaged muscle fibres is a
    must and in order to do this you will require protein. Sources of a
    vegetarian high in protein include broccoli, spinach and bok choy. Along
    with beans, legumes and eggs, you have to be including these in your diet
    in order for your body to repair and replenish, not to mention benefit from
    the workouts. If you do not consume enough protein in your day after a
    workout, it will use existing muscle as fuel, something you

  • The Healthy Cook

    …something you want to avoid. If you are simply not getting enough in
    your day you can include pea protein powder as a means of supplementing
    your macronutrients, however it is not something you swap for a meal rather
    an additional source. Does this all make sense?

  • Marloes Van Uden

    Hii! I have kind of a stupid question, but how do you feed your little
    sister (she is 15 and she is Marjolein from the other reaction) veggies
    when she seriously doesn’t like ANY vegetable at all? Last time she ate
    cauliflower and she nearly puked! That was one of the only veggies she sort
    of liked. Now that’s gone too..

  • Humayra Morshed

    Hey. Coconut milk can be used in different cooking. Can you kindly tell me
    in which foods can I use it beside fish curry and meat in Sri Lankan way?

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