Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Expert diet coach Jimmy Smith from described the fat loss benefits of coconut oil For more information join his fan page at http Visit his blog for more information on the benefits of coconut oil at

11 thoughts on “Benefits Of Coconut Oil

  • bowsim

    what? about grapseed oil mike dolce from the dolce diet swears by the stuff for hight heat cooking what are ur thoughts

  • GuyFromCoby

    Grape seed oil is usually +70% Omega-6 and less than 1% Omega-3 fatty acids. ‘Course how much you use plays a big factor, but it’s hard to keep the Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio at 2:1 cooking with it. An additional point (obvious to the high Omega-6 count) is that grape seed oil can cause inflammation.

    If you want a healthy high heat cooking oil, avocado oil is the bomb; it’s very healthy and has the? highest smoke point (100degrees Fahrenheit higher than grape seed), I use it when making stir fry.

  • 511BrInGiT

    Make a video on healthy foods & good? exercises for people that are about 15 – 18 years old.

  • PulpPractical

    Cool, man. I’m currently drinking? almond milk, but I’ll switch to coconut.

  • jimmysmithtraining

    Sorry but I have to do it, there are new people coming to the videos and I have to? get my point across as to why I’m someone they should listen to.

  • jimmysmithtraining

    Just because someone has? a well known name doesn’t mean that the information is solid.

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