Benefits Of Coconut Water In Health

Yes Coconut water can treat many diseases like UTI: it acts as alkaliser, taken with jamun will treat UTI in 100% cases Constipation Acidity It contains Lauric acid which is only present in mother’s milk. It has antifungal, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Given in dehydration, cases are known when it is being given as normal saline in some countries in which NS was not available. It can be given in pregnancy.

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    4 thoughts on “Benefits Of Coconut Water In Health

    • CrazyShooter199

      I just came here from “the weird part of youtube” and I’m glad I’m finally ouy… phew…

    • worldcupcola1

      “UTI: it acts as alkaliser, taken with jamun will treat UTI in 100% cases”…

      i have uti problem. it helps for sure. plz suggest the jamun and coconut water home remedy in detail. jamun is seasonal fruit…what can be done for that ….i have also heard abt virgin coconut oil …any idea abt that…

    • shaziajafrey8

      This video tells the benefit of coconut water, that does not mean that you forget the latest medical science, UTI can be treated very effectively by antibiotics with a minimum course of 3 days and maximum of 14 days, depending upon antibiotic prescribed. Antibiotics are given after doing your urine culture and sensitivity test. So go to a doctor and take antibiotics. Yes you can take all these things along with prescribed medicines.

    • shaziajafrey8

      If you will avoid taking UTI treatment, infection will ascend up to kidneys, damaging them and you must have seen in society that when any patient gets renal failure, first of all his bank balance becomes zero, as every treatment is quite costly and prognosis is very poor.

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