16 thoughts on “Benefits of wholseome Coconut Oil

  • forgetunot

    You thre your olive oil out?!! Coconut oil has saturated fat… how do I know…I come from the part of the world that uses coconut oil and grated coconut and coconut milk in our cooking…it is scrumptious BUT also not the best choice for healthy fats… another way to know… any fat that solidifies has saturated fat in it unlike olive oil , grapeseed oil and canola oil !!!!
    Yes, women use coconut oil in my place and they have long luscious hair and great skin .

  • descheneslover

    I have found web sites about how good this stuff is but also how bad it was.
    When I was reading how good it was I ran out and bought some.
    After I found the bad pages I got freaked out and tossed it in the garbage! hahaha…Maybe ill go back to it.

  • digupmyheart

    I haven’t been able to find organic coconut oil over here in the UK. I can only find it online 🙁

  • drummerlars

    very true its high in saturated fat…. no problem though if you eliminate starch carbohydrates from the diet… which is the insulin spike which causes body fat retention

  • forgetunot

    Oils do not mutate! You mean oils have different smoking points. I know I sound like a smart *** !
    Coconut oil in its purest form is sold at the INdian grocery stores under the brand name ‘parachute’. It has a strong smell most people from south east Asia and the southern subcontinent love that smell in their foods.

  • ErinHuggins

    coconut oil is amazing. i eat a teaspoon every morning to give my metabolism a boost! LOVE it!!

  • rushedartist

    coconut oil is sooooooooo great! i use it all the time, even rub it on my skin and hair. nice!

  • Tetragagaca

    Hey, you can’t cook with the coconut oil, all the benefits of it is lost.

    You can produce negative oxgentates / mutant. CANOLA ALL THE WAY For cooking

  • kajehgb

    there are good saturated fats and bad saturated fats. i read about it online. coconut is good for you its good saturated fats

  • cynfree1

    Coconut oil is AWESOME!!! But you still need Flax and or Fish oil… even olive oil is great, but don’t heat it!!! Pour it on cold, (flax oil must never be heated beyond eating temp. so pour it on anything…
    toast, rice, veggies, stew, pasta…
    Do read MORE about Coconut though… it has Other amazing qualitites… like raising metaboilism, burning fat! Killing bad bacteria, stimulating growth of Friendly bacteria in our colons…

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