Big Hair, Brows & Coconut oil

I recently tried threading my eyeborws omg it hurrrrt! Also heres how my hair looks using less care free curl and most importantly i finally got some COCONUT oil cant wait to try it all out.

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    25 thoughts on “Big Hair, Brows & Coconut oil

    • churchboy19

      I know hun I can’t wait 2 come back don’t worry it will be worth the wait lol=D xoxo I just love ur hair girl

    • Silverambera

      i use coconut oil after I use leave-in conditioner, especially one my ends its really moisturizing

    • SeritaG128

      LOL Threading really does hurt. I do waxing. It’s 1-2-3 and the pain is over. Threading literally makes me cry.

    • TVQUEEN01

      I agree with you threading did hurt. I like tweezing just tweeze once a week to maintain the brows . No big deal it just takes 10 minutes.

    • rosereddoll

      yeah! ^___^ Threading and tweezing take longer, but waxing puts more stress on the delicate eye area. I heard waxing often may eventually make your eyelids droop prematurely. when I don’t feel like enduring the pain of tweezing or waxing I just use my electric eyebrow tool thingy. Yeah I’m a wimp. lol

    • oOxCaramelxOo

      I looove Nip/Tuck!! and im gona try and learn to thread my own eyebrows, you get more immune to the pain when you get it done often =)

    • KatwalkKutie

      @oOxCaramelxOo idk if i can do them myself i think I’d probably rip the whole thing off lol

    • DeniseNike

      LOL you say lakewood mall like everyone knows you live in cali. But yes it hurts but your brows look flawless!!

    • ayidas

      LOL yeah threading gets you the first time. That’s what everyone does here though (Tampa). It’s very efficient and you get used to it after a few times. They usually rub lotion on your eyebrows afterward which is soothing, but it can also make you break out.

    • Raquel4junior

      Its only a string pulling on ur eyebrows!
      It only £4 down in London

    • justbeyou91

      Threading isn’t that bad. I did it the very first time I started doing my eyebrows and it wasn’t crazy pain but that’s just me.

    • desertflower1979

      Girl, you are not alone. Threading hurts like a mutha! I was told its because whenyou wax you open your pores and threading just pulls the hair out in your stretched skin.

    • AzulDiamond93

      i get mine threaded all the time!!…nd yes it hurts like a makes me tear up all the time,like automatic tear up!! lol but it last a whileeee nd i think its better than waxing..

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