Big Hair, Reviews and Youtube Tales

K so i tried the coconut oil and so far so good, it moisturized it to the point where I was able to not put any product in it at all and it still held up pretty well. I also tried Herbal Essesnce Hydralicious Shampoo and Conditioner and it seems 2 have helped my hair also. Plz excuse my rant I just felt the need to talk about how some ppl can be so ignorant and have nothing else to do but criticize others. I have 300+ subbies now and I appreciate u all 😉

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    25 thoughts on “Big Hair, Reviews and Youtube Tales

    • atinob43

      You sexy as hell with your Catsuit on. What? You wearing glasses now? Oh, well, so am I.? Your hair is slammin’ as usual.

    • churchboy19

      Girl? u encourage me even more and I be mixing up stuff too lol and yes distilled water is the best =) xoxo

    • hottie231987

      Try the Herbal essence Tousle Me? Softly it will leave your hair sooooo soft. And it is better than that one that you showed. Trust me. =)

    • FashionAddicted22

      When did you trim your hair for the last time ? If you want to grow your hair, how often do you have to trim it ? Cause yeah, when my hair is like grown I have to cut it of cause I have split ends , and than it’s my old lenght, or just? a little bit longer. So that really sucks but I don’t want damaged hair. So what should I have to do ?

    • KatwalkKutie

      Well theres really no set time to cut, everyones hair is different, go by how your hair is, i havent had a trim in months because I havent had ne? splits. U have to protect ur ends so they wont split if u want ur hair to grow.

    • FashionAddicted22

      So that means..
      that I can’t straighten my hair ?
      I used to style it basicly evry day or at least 3 or 4 times a week.
      And now 2 times.

    • KatwalkKutie

      Its not good for youyr hair to heat style it every day, too much heat styling causes? ALOT of damage and breakage which will prevent growth. If u just have to straighten it at least use some type of protectant

    • FashionAddicted22

      I ALWAYS use some type of protectant but I’m thinking to stop styling for like about 3 to 4 weeks? ?

    • KatwalkKutie

      I’ll put it this way, the longer u go without using heat? the better ur hair will lokk and feel

    • FashionAddicted22

      OK ; i’m really gonna try? did! I hope that I really see differince and that I can do it!

    • L0On3yTun3z

      Your Pretty [[no homo]] and your hair looks really soft and nice hmm.. I’m going to try coconut oil a lot of women on their hair journey uses it in their? regimen and it seems to work… does it matter on the brand you buy or anything?

    • newboyz1fan

      lol people are so crazy now days!!! i love your videos? and i love your hair keep doin what you doin and dont pay attention to these haters!!!!

    • ItZzMeEwAtZzUp16

      your super pretty! and I love your thick and curly hair! I? used to have thick hair but 9 months ago, I bleached it not knowing the effects, and its soo much thinner :'( soo I want to know if it will ever grow back thicker to its original thickness or not. What products could I use? Does oil scalp massage work using olive oil or doo gro mega thick hair oil? Do you know how to make hair thicker? I want hair like yours and I do have naturally curly hair. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • KatwalkKutie

      @ItZzMeEwAtZzUp16 OMG chicka I did the EXACT same thing, I bleached my hair and it all BROKE OFF. My hair was way longer and ened up dead dry and THIN. SO pretty much u can just check out my vids and I talk about alot of what needs to be done. Deep conditioning is key and also castor? oil thickens too

    • ItZzMeEwAtZzUp16

      @KatwalkKutie alright so it is possible! phew im so glad i know someone who did the same thing as me and now has? beautiful hair! I will be sure to check out your other videos and thank you 🙂

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