Blow Drying w/ GnH dryer (Updated)

I blow dry my hair for a heat pass once a month. Products used Cantu shea butter leave in conditioner Ic fantasia heat protectant GnH blow dryer coconut oil

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    25 thoughts on “Blow Drying w/ GnH dryer (Updated)

    • TheGlamorousVee

      you have very pretty hair. It takes time and dedication to keep your hair looking so nice. So kudos to you! Love the video. 😉

    • dalovis

      @NIJEECAPRICORN20 I think i might try it out because walmart is selling it on sale now for 18 dollars as opposed to sally’s 30+ dollars, i just wish they wouldn’t change stuff all the time, the old model was perfectly fine and had better attachments -_-

    • dalovis

      @ulovemegz i guess the good thing is that they sell replacement combs, they should only cost no more than 10 dollars to replace, considering how much the blow dryer itself is, maybe they made them thinner so they could make money selling replacements lol because my older version would have never broken haha


      @dalovis yeah I think Ima try to get my mom to head over their tomorrow we have two Walmart but one sells stuff the other one doesnt carry whats up with that lol

    • Dablkwid0w2008

      I dont mean to sound ignorant, but you are not mixed with anything are you or did you stop using relaxers got the length you wanted and started relaxing again?

    • lfutrell82

      I usually blow dryer and a paddle brush. Does the comb attachment work better? It seem like a lot less work.

    • kenyagirl2009

      @TheGlamorousVee : it sure does and i hate when people think oh you are blessed to have long hair. i believe anyone can grow hair but you have to be willing to put in the time.

    • TheFafaboo

      how can you get heat damage with a blow dryer if you cant gett in the sun well my question is can you put it on a cool setting without heat protectant

    • nyboakye

      @Laportisa Good tip!! Wondering- is it not difficult wrapping wet hair? especially if it’s long? i’d love to try that. my hair is naturally thin and i have switched from roller setting and wrapping it dry weekly to just letting it airdry or doing a twistout without heat. i’d love to wear it straight sometimes so it might be helpful to wet wrap it. please let me know how you do it without breaking the hair. I am guessing the hair is weaker when wet so combing might break/stretch it?? Help! Thanks

    • TheGlamorousVee

      @kenyagirl2009 yup yupp! I can’t keep my hair long for nothing! I admire those who do and go that extra mile to ensure the healthiness. That’s why when people post negative comments on Megz video it’s barbaric! She has dedicated a lot of time to her hair! She deserves to be proud of it and should be happy she shares it with us!!! =)

    • Laportisa

      @nyboakye It’s not as difficult as people make it seem, trust! I have really long thick hair and I’ve gotten use to handling it so It’s not hard for me. Unfortunately, I don’t make videos, but if you want some tips/advice…PM or email me ( I love helping people! I can also show you how long and healthy my hair is!

    • nelizmm

      your hair is gorgeous ! this is an amazing video , how did you get your hair so long? could you make a video about growing hair?

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