blue magic coconut oil conditioner blue magic carrot oil leave in conditioner Bottom Line I love It….. EVERY THING IN THIS VIDEO I BOUGHT MY SELF I DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY NOR AM I BEIN PAID TO ADVERTISE THIS PRODUCT!

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    • sweetmuzic215

      @MrsKimberlee1 Thanks…yes it does take alot to work with transitioning hair….give it a try!

    • sweetmuzic215


    • MsDawson2488

      I really like the carrot oil, it carried me over when I ran out of my Qhemet biologics. Great vid 🙂

    • xxmixedgirlxx

      OMG i lovee this video. rofl. i was in some SERIOUS need of something new to use in this mess on my head. Best review EVER

    • ksha

      I gotta get this product…currently using softee african shea butter (and i love it) but i do want to try this blue magic coconut and leave in conditioner.


      girl now you know i was tight that i didnt get my free samples in the mail!! I THINK MY MAILMAN STOLE IT!!! i just went to cvs and picked up the coconut oil grease and i just know im gonna love it, its soo light. now i have to find the carrot oil leave in conditioner.

    • hammer250492

      i have been using the coconut oil for 2 months now, its really good, my hair turned straight and soft. however i never knew about the carrot oil, i might cop that soon.

    • dollladie

      I love these products – especially the Organics Super Sure Gro – I’ve been natural about 20 months, and this stuff has worked wonders in growing my hair and keeping it strong. I’m hoping it will carry me through this winter better than I did last year.

    • jjevtic1234

      Thank you! I have been transitioning for about about a year and a half, but have braids for most of the time. Now I have to deal with my natural hair and I just bought the Blue Magic today, thank you for the review! I was worried about the petroleum in the product, but your review made me feel more confident about it!

    • jayrawkstar

      yeah, I’m a dude and I have 360 waves. I bought the carrot oil like a week and a half ago. I love it! I only use this and water, my
      hair is so shiny and soft PLUS it smells good as hell

    • agoddessindisguise89

      OMG!! I love your funny..i love it…i bought the Coconut oil about 2 weeks and i have been using it..i must say you were not exaggerating, the stuff does work…I LOVE IT the coconut oil…i was worried about the Petrolatum in it which is why i came looking for reviews on it.. Thank You so much!

    • iceprincessnc

      thank fof doing this video…… the comb part is true. im going natural too….im 3 week from being 5 month and it start to knot up and matted.

    • 143TH

      okay, i dont have african american hair. Im mexican and i have curly hair that i straighten daily. My dad uses this and i decided to give it a try. After i straightened my hair i put in the coconut oil and the next morning my hair was AMAZING! i told my friends but they just laughed… its good to know im not the only one that loves this product.

    • ksha

      i just bought this product and used it today on a twist out. cant wait to see the results in the morning

    • mommyanme

      I accidentally picked this up the other day thinking it was a cholesterol. After I washed my hair yesterday I put it in then I realized it was a leave in. I sat under the heat cap for a while, and oooh my goodness! I would have never thought a Blue Magic product would work this well. My hair is still feeling so good. It really PENETRATES the hair and I love how it smells. I found a keeper…I feel the same way you do.

    • Chicana80luna

      oh I luvvvv these two products all of the blue magic hair products.i recently bought the carrot oil & da coconut oil and I really luv them they r my two favorites of the blue magic.ans the scents oh ma god really great.they make my hair so nice…nice video.

    • shestudios

      I am twisting my with the Blue Magic Carrot Conditioner right now. Amazing how the Natural Hair Community has come full circle, and back to what Mama used to do. BLACK HAIR NEEDS MOISTURE PEOPLE. …And natural 4C needs it more that any other. This is the REAL DEAL.

      LOL!!! The middle of my hair breaks comes too. I love it because that means the hair is growing in thick and healthy. Thanks for the video.

    • rebarenee7

      The crown of the head seems to be the most coarse area, but I don’t know why. I purchased the mango & lime and the complex (purple). Mango and lime made my daughter’s hair soft and not greasy, the scent wasnt fruity. Nice video. thanks

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