Blue Magic Coconut Oil Condition Grew my Hair! Product review

I remember my mother using these products on my hair as a child, which made styling much easier on my hair and hers. I have Alopecia hair loss, but for the past year my hair has seen growth…

14 thoughts on “Blue Magic Coconut Oil Condition Grew my Hair! Product review

  • Sharlette Johnson

    Thank you so much for this showing that you don’t have to spend a fortune
    to get your hair right!?

  • Kelly B.

    Thank you so much for sharing your hair is beautiful and full. I’ll
    definitely be heading to Wal-Mart tomorrow to go pick up mine :)?

  • qtbeddecor

    I have alopecia, and you are so right. I’ve tried so many other products,
    such as Dr. Miracle, Organics, etc, etc, and they seem to “irritate” my
    scalp. I’ve also stopped using any type of “edge control”, and went back to
    old school, and started using Blue Magic Organic Castor Oil made with 100%
    pure caster oil, shea butter, and aloe vera. I keep my hair braided, and I
    have had noticeable growth, and my edges are coming in nicely. I would like
    to try using the leave in style conditioner, because the castor oil can get
    too “greasy” for daily use. However, it has worked for me!!!!!! LOVE YOUR
    TWIST OUT!!!!!! Thanks for the review. ?

  • mackredsnapper

    I’m male and I use the castor oil in my 360 wave routine in the winter.
    This winter I concentrated on using this product on a regular basis and it
    has really helped my hair get thicker over a shorter period of time.?

  • didi rose

    im glad you find a solution for this hair growing problem,i will definitely
    try it too.thank you?

  • thanddi

    Full circle brings us back to the tried and true. Simple, economical and
    effective. Such a blessing.?

  • Felicia Jonsson

    How many times do you apply the blue Magic cocunut? Do you only use it for
    your hair Or do you also apply an other oil With it?
    How do you make your hair growth so wonderful? ?

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