Boost Your Metabolism with Coconut Oil! In a study published in 1996 in the Journal of Lipid Research, animals fed a diet consisting of at least 50 percent mcfas had significant weight loss. In contrast, a group fed the same diet with the same number of calories, but consisting of 50-percent long-chain fatty acids (lcfas found in other foods), lost no weight whatsoever. Other studies confirm that mcfas are oxidized (burned up and used for energy) instead of being stored in the fatty tissue of the body, as are the lcfas. As a result, you generate more heat to burn calories, kick-starting the body into burning up existing fat stores. Studies with human confirm animal research * A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 1991 found that humans consuming a meal containing 30 grams (2 tablespoons) mcfas and 8 grams (about 1.5 tablespoons) lcfas had a significant rise in temperature compared to those who at the same meal containing 38 grams LCFA. This rise in temperature indicates higher metabolic activity caused by better thyroid functioning, revealing how coconut oil helps your thyroid and boosts your metabolism More in the book Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Sally Fallon and Dr. Mary Enig Personal Training with Sean available at Fit Athletic San Diego:

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    26 thoughts on “Boost Your Metabolism with Coconut Oil!

    • CBasie2856

      Tommorow I am going to start trying one diet, and the next day see how I feel, through my poop and body rhythm, then start another diet the next day, see how I feel? the day after that.
      Then go to the third one and see how I feel after that.

      One of these diets has to be the truth and I must find it. I will try the processed food diet in moderation and see if it does anything to my body the next day.

    • pookypoo77

      nice. that is some major goodness.
      im switching to a paleo diet and replacing milk with coconut milk which i am very happy to do. it tastes AMAZING. i plan to make my own fresh milk this coming spring/summer

    • pookypoo77

      instead of eating a spoonful, cook with it, add it in yoru smoothies etc..
      i have replaced ice cream with frozen fruit sorbet made with coconut MILK & stevia in a blender. that is another way of getting a regular dose of the oil and MCFAa found in coconut

    • 3niDougla

      I drink a teaspoon morning and night. I throw some in my shakes and smoothies. I cook with it as well. Lightly frying [medium-low flame] potatoes with it is deliciousssss

    • cjflo

      hey sean, how do you keep your skin so nice, how do you keep your teeth so white, how do you poop so right, why don’t you ever get sick, and how in the world do you stay so lean?

    • jea740

      It probably if it smells parfumed and doesnt smell like coconut, it doesnt melt when you rub it in, it probably isent 100%,asian product may say 100% but it isent

    • rast123456789

      hey is refined coconut oil as good as regualr mine is kind of white and flaky it still has about 130 calories per table spoon but idk if its the same

    • rast123456789

      I use this stuff and i really do get more energy and ecspecially when i eat carbs that kinda enter my blood fast it slows it down and the energy last so long and after about a month my body composition has changed to . Less fat lol

    • fruitacious

      where can i buy the coconut oil from can you give me a web site or phone number and the price of it. thanks.

    • scrawnyrani

      make sure u get unrefined organic cold-pressed coconut oil. i did not realize this and last summer i ended up with some acne on my face and chest. the brand i use now is Nutiva–top of the line AMAZING product. i had to get over the price b/c it’s on Amazon for like $21 for 54 oz. if you have free shipping with Amazon Prime. Places like Whole Foods carry it as well so u could get a small container and try it out first.

    • lowdagaramhai

      coconut oil for lube? that is ridiculous, almond or mustard oil yea, but coconut!?!!

    • LAXislifeTK

      is organic refined coconut oil ok for cooking use or is extra virgin the healthiest for eating?

    • visionimagify

      Nope. Refined is very different. Guarden of Life, or Nature’s Way extra virgin coconut oil is the best, or you can get Gold Standard evco, but it’s expensive as hell, but good.

    • mekaziona

      i knew it was good but now i know for sure I need to take it internally more often. Thank you so much for this video.

    • CurlyBella

      great video thanks alot i just ordered some organic virgin coconut oil. i hope to try it out. Thanks again!

    • Afriqana

      Insightful! Thanks for passing the knowledge. Is there any particular coconut oil you suggest or are all of them about the same in quality?

    • 2626mummy1111

      Can anyone tell me why there is so much conflicting thoughts on the injestion of coconut oil. Its either healthy or not. I mean its confusing. Some very reputable doctors like Dr Oz and Dr Weil basically say stay as far away from the stuff as possible. Whats going on. I certainly dont want to subject my family to heart disease. How come the doctors cant agree????????????

    • 2626mummy1111

      I just started using coconut oil but havent yet cooked with it. Does all the food you cook taste like coconut after??????????? Or does the taste and smell disappear once its cooked?

    • greatbydesign33

      @ Afriqana – It should be Organic and RAW. A company called Ultimate Superfoods makes a great one and the price is good too.

    • greatbydesign33

      @2626mummy1111 – Dr. Oz said coconut oil is bad????
      For me that discredits Dr. Oz. Ancient cultures have been using it for centuries. Dr. Oz is not smarter than the wisdom of ages. Do your own research. And remember – Most “Doctors” are working for the pharmaceutical companies these days rather than working for us.

    • crumbfish

      Oz is probably confusing extra virgin coconut oil with hydrogenated coconut oil. Oz seems confused about a lot of things. For instance he had a segment dedicated to kidney stones. He showed how painful the stone is when it passes down the ureter. He had a kidney complete with ureter to show a visual example. And the “large painful stone” was the size of a golf ball. Sorry Oz, kidney stones that big would NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS make it into the ureter. Kidney stones 3-4mm are considered large.

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