Brain Health Improvement with Coconut Oil Dr. Mary Newport treated her husbands Alzheimer’s Disease with coconut oil and saw outstanding…

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    I completely believe this. For months now, since last? april, I’ve been suffering from severe brain fog, disorientating the feeling in my brain, escpecially my memory. It has only been since last week that I have started taking coconut oil from a jar atleast three times a day that I have found major improvements! can’t recommend it enough.

  • sportydiver

    Please read Jeff Novick on facebook dated Jan 7.Also Fat free vegan diet.. Mcdougall, Essylstein, Joel Furhman, Brian Clement,Colin? Campbell,Neil Banard. Watch: Oils To Nuts, Heart Attack Proof Youself, Forks Over Knives, Eating. Sure, small results from Lauric acid and ketones.As a therapy ONLY.Saturated fat is NOT a health promoting food. Focus on what you did to CREATE your condition. Hydrogenated oils, heavy metals, neurotoxins,excitotoxins, pollutants, chemicals. The list goes on and on

  • sportydiver

    I would caution you on continued use.I can see how this would work similarly to GHEE. Using the Fat to “pull away? toxins” . Then your body will begin to store this fat and that is where the toxins are stored. There are natural chelators, like Cilantro, parsley, leafy greens, EDTA,DMSA. Then you have bentonite clay, Zeolite and charcoal. Please watch the DVD by Jeff Novick Oils To Nuts and you will be Enlightened. And eat a whole food,grain free plant based diet.

  • mjb1952

    When your health starts to improve you will feel headaches and flu like symptoms as your body begins to ‘kick out the bad’
    and build the immune systems. Speaking from my personal experience. I? am not a doctor.

  • wjestick

    You have no idea what you are talking about. Only Medium Chain Triglyceride will do for the cases being discussed. Further mercury and Aluminium exposure, and root canal teeth are all? linked to this condition. None of these are helped directly by diet.

  • wjestick

    Be very careful. Coconut oil should only work if the reason for your brain fog is? caused by a failure of your brain to metabolise glucose. If the underlying problem is something else, you could just be seeing placebo effect and your basic problem may still be there.
    IF the results fade after a while, you should seek medical advice.

  • sportydiver

    There are natural chelators. cilantro is one.Then there is EDTA. Health is multifactoral. Humans tend to islotate everything so they can understand.When you isolate food compounds, your body doesn’t recognize it. Like eat apples not apple juice and GMO food is creating organ failure. Like I said FOCUS on the CAUSE not an isolated ingredient as a cure. The cure is? called PREVENTION

  • wjestick

    Tough break for those who are already suffering from Alzheimers. A bit like? saying to a road accident victim, we can’t help you, but net time buckle up for safety.

  • Joyce Lindsay

    This information sounds very promising for brain health & baking.. Thanks so much Dr.
    Mary.? for the info.

  • Vasu Jayaprasad

    oil is a method of treatment for old age? in ancient Indian pharmacopaea. Oils salts and minerals are the basic requirement in old age cure.

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