Breadfruit cooked with stewed pork in coconut milk..wmv

A classic “oil down” recipe for cooking breadfruit with stewed pork and simmered in coconut milk in the Caribbean on such islands as Trinidad and Tobago. The full recipe including additional pictures and step by step instructions can be found at

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    5 thoughts on “Breadfruit cooked with stewed pork in coconut milk..wmv

    • ShebaCasper

      Looks really good. Too bad I don’t eat pork or meat…lol. I’ll try it with firm tofu and see what happens.

    • emperor536

      @caribbeanpot Nice effort but that’s not oil down! Oil down is the national dish of Grenada which is very close to Trinidad and Tobago. You don’t have to burn sugar to make oild down…it is done? with curry, safran and coconut milk…hence the name oil down because due to the coconut oil the food will get an oily appearence….you missed essential ingrediants such as callaloo or dashin leaf, it can also be made with salted meats (salted pork, beef or salted mackerel)…best regards

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