Breadfruit In Stewed Pork Simmered in Coconut Milk.

Recipe for making a Caribbean inspired dish using breadfruit, in stewed pork and simmered in coconut milk. Loaded with herbs, spices and coconut milk, this simmered breadfruit dish will be a hit in your house. To learn how to peel and core a breadfruit, see:

17 thoughts on “Breadfruit In Stewed Pork Simmered in Coconut Milk.

  • trueCDNhoser

    Another amazing recipe Chris!!! That bak choy was so good even without the? chicken! Keep the vids coming my friend!

  • manolobraun

    bravo!!! can’t wait to cook this…
    it is hard? to get breadfruit in europe, can I use potatoes in case I don’t get any?

  • vera747

    Love your? recipes,,,gr8 channel,,,may i suggest that you not use aluminum pots as it is a carcenogenic and causes dimentia and alzheimers,,,stainless steal and iron are the safest metals to cook in,,,blessings

  • LoveCaribbeanFlavor

    where can i find the green? seasoning receipe. Would like to make a batch ahead of time.

  • englyshgyrl

    i am going to atlanta next.week what farmers mkt sells breadfruit can? somebody help me out

  • seedofageneration

    Hey englyshgrl, try the Dekalb Famers Market on 3000? E. Ponce De Leon Avenue
    Decatur, GA 30030 (still in Atlanta) they should have it. It is a must just to visit; you won’t be disappointed.

  • Mariekr49

    Can this just be made with the meat and the marinade the way you cooked it with say white rice..but not the fruit just because i dont know if id like? the fruit. And the meat looks good

  • caribbeanpot

    yes, search “stew pork” or “caribbean stew? pork” on youtube. I should have a video for that

  • DougWardBlammo

    You’re on man. Just got a bread fruit from my Grenada bro.
    Doing? it your way tonight.

  • alanagold178

    “The kitchen? is smelling rrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaalllllllll good”- LOL. I bet it is. Good recipe!

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