Bruce is overcoming dementia with the help of God and coconut oil

Through prayer and God’s direction we are using coconut oil to treat the dementia. It’s been a miracle! To see more about how to use coconut oil go to: To see more about his journey see

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    12 thoughts on “Bruce is overcoming dementia with the help of God and coconut oil

    • GrandmaCarolFlett

      One of Bruce’s case workers was in yesterday, and she was floored. A few weeks ago when she was here last she hadn’t expected him to be around for more than about 3 months.

    • sushie29

      Hi Bruce,
      I am truly amazed to see your progress with this online, I have also been keeping track of Dr. Newport and her husband. I have a dad suffering of dementia. We’ve started giving him extra virgin coconut oil since a month. Before he was hardly talking an when he did he alway s forgot what he wanted to say half way into the sentence. Since a month he is able to formulate full sentences. He also was a little out of balance when walking. He seems better with that as well.

    • GrandmaCarolFlett

      @sushie29 It is great to hear about your father’s progress. Currently, I am getting follow up examinations done by my doctors and will be posting results as soon as we have the details. If you are following “GrandmaCarolFlett” videos, you will see the video shortly.
      Thanks for your interest.
      Bruce A Flett

    • GrandpaBruceFlett

      Sushie, Those individual things like his balance and walking will probably begin to get better in time. I’m saying this based on my on experience. I am not a doctor so I can only say it worked for me. I had shaking in both hands as I continued taking coconut oil the shaking in hands has almost gone completely. I have times when I am tired that occasionally bring on some tremors.My family doctor was extremely pleased with my health turnaround against all odds .Bruce A. Flett

    • GrandpaBruceFlett

      @jefletch2 Thankx for your encouraging post. Keep checking back because I am planning a update. I will be telling about my Liver Condition, My enlarged Spleen and my Gallbladder and the condition of my Heart and my new aorta valve and probably my kidneys. I feel they have all been touched by my regular and continuing use of coconut oil.

    • Aislan4414

      I am so happy for you. You are such an inspiration to many people. I have a friend whose memory is slipping and I will try coconut oil with her. Bless you and your family. I am having some cognitive issues myself and am starting to take it today. Thank you so so much for sharing your story.

    • Bonnie90505

      Thank you for sharing! I have been consuming coconut oil daily for a couple years now, I have proven to myself, my health has improved, my psoriactic arthritis is under-control and helps with my weight loss and immune system are reaping the benefits of virgin coconut oil. I have been experimenting with “oil pulling” removing toxins from my body due to medications I am currently taking. I have made several video on the healthy benefits of coconut oil especially protecting the immune system.

    • GrandpaBruceFlett

      I started taking Coconut oil on Dec. 13, 2010 and this video was posted Jan 17/11. This is results after just one month. I have continued to improve since it was posted.

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