Buy Coconut Oil? Where?

Buy coconut oil from this great vendor: Check out the Rebuild Blog: Coconut oil has many uses. It is great in baking, frying foods, drinks, and for use as a cosmetic. Increasingly consumers are viewing it as a healthy option rather then as simply a high saturated fat oil. Coconut oil is a great option in frying because it has a high smoke point. If you are frying foods you need oil that is able to get very hot without smoking. Over heating oil damages the oil and it also adds toxins into the air in your kitchen. If you wish to have fried chicken or battered vegetables, you need a solution like coconut oil. Coconut oil is a great solution for fried sweet items like pancakes and donuts. Use coconut oil in your baking to replace shortening. Recipes such as zucchini bread, banana bread, and pumpkin bread often call for shortening, a very unhealthy trans fat. For each portion of shortening called for in the recipe, use the same amount of coconut oil instead. If you suffer from dry skin, use coconut oil directly on your skin to bring relief period especially in the winter when your skin can get extra dry and scaly. Rub coconut oil into your skin and let it soak in. After it has soaked in, wipe off the excess oil with a damp cloth. You will find that your skin is well hydrated and supple after such a treatment. In very dry seasons like winter, you might apply coconut oil to your skin twice a week. Just like the skin on your arms or your

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