Can I drink the coconut milk from the can?

I bought coconut milk in a can from the Asian store. Can I drink it like a regular drink (water, milk, juice etc), or is it only used for cooking…?
Will it taste good if I drink it? Is it sweet?

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    2 thoughts on “Can I drink the coconut milk from the can?

    • answermyquestion026

      Yes, you can drink it. Nothing will happen. But it’s mainly for cooking. ALso at the Asian store they just can out with a new Coconut Milk drink. It’s in the drink section (black can) it’s more light and less creamy than the coconut milk made for cooking.

    • Denise

      You can, but it’s much more suited for making Thai curries and desserts and in Thai iced tea. So Delicious makes a coconut milk beverage that’s the consistency of regular milk. You can use it in all the same ways and drink it straight from the container, too.

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