Can I make a curry without coconut milk?

I have chicken, and I have green curry paste. I’m not in the mood to be creative, and I can’t think of anything else to make. Can I just slice up the chicken breasts and fry it with oil and curry paste with some veges and serve it on rice? Because I dont have any coconut milk, just regular milk. Any other suggestions?

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    One thought on “Can I make a curry without coconut milk?

    • sugarNspice

      Yes of course…THere are two variants in curry:one is the thinner version witout coconut milk and the one is creamier with coconut milk.
      If you really want to have the creamier version of it and you dont have coconut milk in your hands, you can add yogurt,or milk or even ground cashew nuts…it will really make the curry thick and creamier…Enjoy your curry dear..

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