Can you make rice with coconut milk in a rice cooker? How?

I have a rice cooker, but I want to make coconut rice. I’ve found recipes online for cooking rice with coconut milk the old fashioned way. Does anybody know a good recipe for making it in a rice cooker? Thanks!

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    One thought on “Can you make rice with coconut milk in a rice cooker? How?

    • Rania Faris loves Roubi

      It depends on the rice you cooked. If you are cooking long grain rice, you ought to give 2 to 1 ratio, If you are using short grain rice, you ought to used an equal ratio

      Also, there are kind of rice depends on the colour, there are red, brown, black and white. That particular ration\ is for the white variety of rice. If you are using brown rice, always double it up because it was tougher

      if you are using Red and Black Rice, always 3 is to 1 because they are fibrous (although they are the most expensive variety and considered fit for the king)

      Most of the rice cooked in coconut milk are the dessert variety.

      Yes you could always cooked rice in rice cooker because we do it every time when there’s is rush hour

      I would also recommend you to used Pandan leaves ( a traditional way to fragrant a rice) just like the western used vanilla or cinnamon

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