Canna Oil with Medicinal Marijuana and Coconut Oil.

How to make CannaOil with Coconut Oil plus Dosage information. This is not to be confused with Cannabis Oil. http://www.derekbut…

12 thoughts on “Canna Oil with Medicinal Marijuana and Coconut Oil.

  • Michael Marashian

    How long do you freeze the herb before putting it in the oil? And also, if
    you don’t use cheesecloth during the process, can you just use the herb and
    then strain it later? Thanks for the video.?

  • s0ulhack33r

    Lol, I watched your first video on CannaOil and started mine in the crock
    pot then came on youtube to do more research while it cooked. I then came
    across this video lol. I had already used coconut oil instead of veg oil
    for mine but didn’t freeze or decarboxylate my herb. I am gonna bake with
    it so i guess I didn’t need to decarb. Also, I am letting it slow cook for
    about 8 hours instead of 4 since i never froze my bud. The longer the
    better right? I had cheese cloth but I feel like the cannabis will infuse
    with the oil better if it is spread throughout like in your first video, as
    opposed to clumped together in a cloth. (although I do understand why you
    would do that)?

  • fade7887

    If you turn the crock pot up just a bit more or used a pan and a
    thermometer would the Cannabis decarboxilate as it soaked in the hot oil?
    or does it need to be done in the oven??

  • SailTheSeas

    How come you dont mix water with the coconut oil when youre cooking? I
    notice some recipes call for water, but idk what the purpose of water is.
    Also, when would I add lecithin? I’d just add it to the cheesecloth with
    the herb? Great video too! Extremely straightforward. I’ll tell you how it
    goes. I bought a crockpot today.?

  • Jaguar Stone

    What is the difference between CannaOil and Cannabis Oil? Which one would
    you prefer for a cancer patient.?

  • Joseph Libner

    I’m using a half oz of some med grade kush, so my question is if I’m using
    this amount does the time you cook change, and how much oil should I use
    for this much? also I will be cooking with it, so if my brownie mix calls
    for over 300 degrees should I reduce the heat to somewhere in the mid
    200’s? and just cook it slower??

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