Cantu Coconut Curling Cream Review | – Jenell Stewart

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23 thoughts on “Cantu Coconut Curling Cream Review | – Jenell Stewart

  • TheThicknsexii

    Love this product line, use it on my daughter’s hair. You are correct about
    it doesn’t give the hair a lot shine. I usually run some oil over her hair
    after taking the twist out to give it more shine. ?

  • Hawa Fofana

    Omg I just read your bio underneath this vid and saw your Liberian! I am
    too ! Well half from my moms side! I love your videos ! Thanks for the post
    and keep doing your thing ! ?

  • Love Louu

    Girlll. You were right on the money with this review. LOL I have been using
    this product for a couple of months now and everything you said was exactly
    right. This product is very “wet” and creamy which helps with the
    definition of my twist outs, braid outs and etc., it is very moisturizing
    and the moisture actually last days and even with your hair down it will
    stay moisturized. BUT NO HOLD..LOL I did a flat twist out for church Sunday
    and its very humid in NYC. About 30 minutes i went from a cute flat twist
    out to a cute puff ball. Very soft, and shrunken puff ball. But overall
    good product. ?

  • SteppieD

    When I tell you I just love and appreciate you sincerity with your posts! I
    can trust what you say to be what it is. I’ve used this Cantu product as
    well as the leave in and I do love them both. The only issue I had was when
    I did my hair at night, it wouldn’t be dry by the morning. I’ve just
    learned to do my hair before doing anything else when I get home and give
    it more time to dry! Again, love your reviews!!!?

  • nikaboo74

    Hi Jenell!!! You have been truly helpful to me in my natural hair journey
    ?? your awesome thank you ????????I am trying this creme for the first time on
    my hair, retouched a few of my twists & used this product looking for
    moisture on my 4b hair?????

  • Kathryn Atkinson

    Thanks to you I have been using this and my 4C hair Loves,Loves,Loves this
    curl cream. Thank you Jenell!?

  • Kay Vee

    I have just about finished my first tub of this product & must say I love
    it! It offers great definition & shine for my hair. I do agree about the
    hold-I find when I use the custard the curls stay longer BUT then I deal
    with flakiness. So I typically only use the custard on wash day. ?

  • Kimbjm79

    As a previous viewer stated, my hair didn’t like this line while I was
    transitioning but my hair likes it now that I am completely relaxer free.
    My favorite is the twist and loc gel. My twist outs are so defined with
    this stuff. I’m looking into getting the complete line of Cantu Naturals?

  • cherry9951

    I love cantu products I’ve been using them for abt six months now but I
    wanted too try something different which was Shea moisture Jamaican castor
    oil line srry too say it jus didn’t work for me my ends was breaking off
    like crazy my hair never reacted tht way with cantu I think it’s best too
    stick with one product even though I do wanna try alikay naturals
    lemongrass leave in & Shea butter btw love your hair & videos!! ?

  • Kierra Wilson

    I actually have this I use all Cantu products because they are cheaper than
    other popular natural products, I’m transitioning now I am 4 months post
    and people keep telling me to get a perm but I’m not even when. It gets
    hard I’m 16 and it’s hard trying to go natural when their is not even a
    handful of people at my school natural and people look at ya crazy when
    your hair is different but any way I have the leave in conditioner the Co
    wash the shampoo and the cleansing conditioner and it truly helps have you
    ever tried wild growth hair oil it really helps with hair growth and plus
    biotin, talk about hair growth I went from hair not even past my ears to
    shoulder length.?

  • Angela Poku

    Hi so which of the line of the Shea Moisture do u like most ? Have u tried
    the Shea Moisture JBCO line? Thanks?

  • 25meach

    Cantu shea butter coconut curling cream worked great on my natural hair.
    Most of the Cantu products for natural hair work good and smell good also.?

  • Tall Curly Chick

    I LOVE this stuff. I actually use quite a lot of products from this line
    and my hair responds very well to them. they leave my hair feeling
    moisturized without feeling weighed down and that’s important to me since
    my hair isn’t that thick. I use the leave in conditioner and curling crème
    together when doing my twist outs and achieve great results. I use the hair
    lotion and the shine and hold spray to maintain my twist out through the
    week. I have just ordered the co wash and deep conditioning treatment from and cant wait to try them out. I am hoping I have just a good
    of luck as I have had with the other products. thanks for the video.?

  • Marylin Franklin

    I know this is old but you look and sound like Sheryl Lee Ralph to me. I
    love the Cantu line and love the Leave In Conditioner the best.?

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