Ceviche with Coconut Milk with the World’s Premier Culinary College

Get the Recipe: www.ciaculinaryintelligence.com The Culinary Institute of America is the world’s premier culinary college. Culinary school instructor Lynne Gigliotti demonstrates how to prepare Ceviche with Coconut Milk. For more information about our cooking school, please visit www.ciachef.edu.

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    12 thoughts on “Ceviche with Coconut Milk with the World’s Premier Culinary College

    • kelvin88tan

      “remember if your fish smells like fish, its not fresh”…. em so what does fish smell like apart from the clean as a ocean breeze!

    • dar482

      @kelvin88tan Fish shouldn’t smell like anything really. Same goes for meat. When you smell “meat,” that means it’s stanky. Clean meat doesn’t smell. That’s what my dad taught me.

    • ElmaCannonPrieto

      @ac3jc HIJO DE la Senorita Laura no doubt..

      Centuries before the Incas knew how to walk in two feet the Aztecs were eating The Ceviche, after that, is all speculation.

      Senorita ,Senorita…..LOL carro de salchiputas….lol

    • ac3jc

      you know senorita Laura is Mexican now so now its carros de tacos or whatever.
      but you know the Incas were a bigger and more advanced empire, the aztecs were just a bunch of savages. so dont compare them to the more superior people.
      and ur kidding right? aztec eat ceviche? they dont know what to do with seafood now, what makes you think they knew what to do with it back then.

    • nbaallstar563

      I tried this yesterday and it came out really good, however it took longer than 30 minutes to fully cook the fish. I used tilapia fillets because they didnt have snapper at my grocery store.

    • ac3jc

      @kryanox sos? bueno si fuese ignorante entonces no supiera nada de lo que estoy diciendo, entonces soy lo contrario

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