Chè Thái – Mixed Fruits in Coconut Milk Dessert (Recipe)

Full recipe at (Xem cong thuc day du tai) Items in my kitchen and pantry Music by Audio Network …

24 thoughts on “Chè Thái – Mixed Fruits in Coconut Milk Dessert (Recipe)

  • Chon Park

    If you can eat durian, it will make this recipe even better TT O TT Like
    srsly…gosh I miss this T O T ?

  • Ruby Dao

    I think this dish should be named che thap cam or suong sa hot luu cuz che
    Thai needs to have durian and milk instead of coconut milk?

  • ThiBichHa Tran

    So great! Helen!
    You re a good cook! Love your foods
    Its so easy to make ! Thanks for new upload :)?

  • Crystal Lee

    I bought almost all the ingredients from Asian market and made it. So easy
    to make and very tasty n refreshing! Thank you for the video.

    Oh, btw I am not sure if it is a vietnamese food or not but do you know how
    to make preserved/pickled bac ha(taro stem)? I ate a dish last week from
    somebody’s house and they said it was pickled bac ha. the dish was like a
    stir fried pickled bac ha with baby clams and it had some lit broth. The
    bac ha itself was soft yet crunch, little bit sour and salty. Very nice
    dish to eat with a bowl of jasmine rice. I tried to find the pickled bac ha
    everywhere but could not find it. If it is vietnamese, could you please
    show how to make it? Or at least let me know if you know this dish. Thank
    you very much!!?

  • Gerard Kuzawa

    When I was in nation states other than the USA I would enjoy variations of
    this dessert. As is suggested in the video, use what you got (within

  • Mistuh Panduh

    Helen can you make a video on banh mi sua? I dont think its as popular as
    che and such tho lol?

  • Yeng Her

    Hey you should go back to your summer desserts make some more Vietnamese
    desserts! ???

  • Sofia Vu

    It looks so good!! I’m so excited to travel to Vietnam this summer, i will
    eat and drink a lot! ?

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