Cheap Home Haircare Treatment for less than £2.00 using Coconut Oil

Cheap hair care treatement to bring the gloss back into your hair, using solid Coconut oil Can be bought from You also need a comb, a towel, a hair clip and a shower cap. Use the cap and the towel to radiate heat to your hair, the more the oil heats up, the deeper it will penetrate into the hair shaft and leave you with glossy hair, the longer you leave it on, the glossier it will look. Wash with shampoo and conditioner afterwards.

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    11 thoughts on “Cheap Home Haircare Treatment for less than £2.00 using Coconut Oil

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    • angelcatt

      hi paula, superdug dont stock this anymore,its been discontinued and i bought it religiously for years, its amazing for your hair so ladies take note!

    • hellomynameisnameful

      you said the more heat the better so would it be good or better if i melted and heated up the coconut oil?

    • PrincessPaula76

      @hellomynameisnameful No, its better if the heat is working whilst your oil is in your hair, its why they use the heaters in the salons, heat makes things process better………the oil should melt in your hand anyway so shouldnt need warming up!!!! I might try and get the oil from Holland & Barrett because mine has run out and they dont sell it in Superdrug anymore 🙁

    • hellomynameisnameful

      yeh shame superdrug don’t sell it 🙁 lol Holland and barret are pricey but you get anice big tub that lasts for ages 😀

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