Coconut Hair Oil-GIVEAWAY :: Indian Hair Secret :: CLOSED

Link for a more detailed review video for the Gold Label Standard Organic Coconut Oil Steps in order to enter this giveaway. 1. Subscribe to my channel. 2. For a bonus entry to this giveaway subscribe to Tropical Tradition’s e-mail Sales Newsletter by clicking this link 3. Leave only one comment on this video’s page (not my channel’s home page) saying why you want to use Coconut oil on your hair. (Do NOT leave a comment saying “Enter Me.”) 4. You must be 18 years of age or older. 5. This giveaway is open for the US & Canada. These 5 items are the rules for this giveaway. Extra information For bonus entries into this giveaway, you may also follow Tropical Traditions on on Twitter @troptraditions. The Gold Label Standard Organic Coconut Oil that I review on this video was not given to me. I bought this product myself. However, Tropical Traditions will be providing the winner of this giveaway with a free sample of this product. I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway. Note for Canadian bloggers: Tropical Traditions is not responsible for customs or duties that Canada may charge if you decide to participate in this Tropical Traditions sponsored blog giveaway. Music: Perfect Proposal by Wayne Wonder Other hair oils I’ve reviewed: Dabur Vatika Export Quality Enriched Coconut Hair Oil Pure Coconut Oil with Henna & Lemon Tropical

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    25 thoughts on “Coconut Hair Oil-GIVEAWAY :: Indian Hair Secret :: CLOSED

    • irinabacila

      I want to use this product because it’s a cheaper alternative than using expensive products such as the Moraccan Oil brand. I’ve been trying to grow my hair for a long time and I love that this is natural! I’d love to try this out for my hair but also for my acne scars! 🙂

    • Zubdawuzhere

      I would like to try this product because I want to try something different then my medicated oil treatment

    • livelovewell

      i want to try this in my hair to help reverse some damage caused by highlighting and such. plus, I love coconuts!! I also love natural products!

    • xxxxRevolution

      I want to use this product because you make it sound like a really awesome product! Also because you can’t get this one from Denmark (that’s where I’m from). But I really got a lot of problems with my hair – I loose my hair if I run my fingers through it 🙁 I want something that can give my hair vitamines, so it will remain healthy 🙂

    • xVanessaVengeance

      I NEED COCONUT OIL because my hair is SO DAMAGED! I used to regularly chemically straighten my hair (relax) it and recently it’s been thinning, and breaking off. I’d love to try this product to see if it’d help with restoring it back to healthiness. 🙂 and PLUS I love coconut smells. <3

    • twoisles

      I really wanted to try an alternative oil to what Yanni uses- Olive Oil. I am hoping it is a lot less messy!

    • TheSHAY1806

      I really want the coconut oii because I want longer,stronger, healthier hair naturallly!!

    • XxGorgeousBeautyxX

      I would love to win this coconut oil because my hair has much damage and dryness because of the hair dye ive used.Please select me! im in much need of it

    • sharpjudy

      My little granddaughter has very curly hair and needs oil to control it and make it look shiny…I’d love to win it for both her and me!

    • Jolieprincesse1812

      I would love it Hun !! As my hair falls a lot as i permed it 2 years ago !!
      But am so unfortunate ^^
      i live in mauritius !
      But nevermind hun, i’ll try to find it here where i live !
      muaaaaaaah 🙂

    • mrsgwindham81

      My daughter and I have very dry hair and need help! I’m trying to not turn back to relaxers.

    • garrettmaria74

      I am totally addicted to your videos and love coconut oil now:) i just dont have the one you have, i have one for hair, its very cheap, i would love to try yours.

    • youreglowing

      I subscribed to their newsletter and am following them on twitter. I’d like to try the oil on my hair because I’d love for my hair to be more healthy.

    • lenachad123

      I want to enter because i am trying to grow my hair because i recently suffered from hair loss due to an adverse reaction to a medication. I would like to use the “green house effect” and coconut oil, because of its benefits to grow my hair back. ^_^

    • lanezzzz333

      i wanna use coconut oil because my hair is so dry and frizzy, i used everything but nothing works. ive been trying to grow my hair out for so long but it doesnt seem to grow, i believe nothing can fix my hair but it worth the try.

    • Theeprincessari

      I want to use coconut oil because I have not found a moisturizer that is effective for my hair and i know that it promotes hair growth. I have seen so many result videos on youtube and I am DYING to try this product. I would purchase my own, but honestly right now, I can not afford it.

    • TheAdrz

      I want use cocount oil on my hair, under hooded dryer and cook foods too. It is a great moiszturer if you mix it with shea butter for their natural oil. It just can’t be on your hair alone or it will be condition.

    • selenarocks2

      I want to use coconut oil mostly to promote my hair growth, i recently had a haircut that was cut too short, and i really wanna grow it fast. I miss my long hair so much 🙁

    • candyflossgurl12

      i want to use it because my hair gets greasy very easy and this looks non greasy, it looks really good and i’d love to use it! and i have really short hair so i want to grow and i want it longer as i cant find anything! and to keep my hair shiney and soft thanks for the giveaway 🙂

    • blair7276

      I have used coconut oil for a long time, and I love it! I am on the market for a new brand. I love how coconut oil is versatile. Despite my naturally greasy scalp, coconut oil absorbs quickly when I use it a a deep conditioner. coconut oil has saved me from the routine of using damaging heat on my naturally curly Afro native American hair (no, not all native American hair is thin and manageable like in the Movies) It has also cleared up my scalp condition that I have had since childhood! thnx!

    • sweetmuzic215

      I want to use The Coconut Oil because my hai seems to love oils that absorb rather quickly. It also slows down the shedding problem that I have. It gives my hair a natural shine without the greasy feel that other oils leave. Also great for assisting with hair growth. I followed troptraditions on twitter

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