Coconut Heaven – SuperLoaf

This is one of my favourite snacks, it is really healthy and easy to make. Coconut is nature’s unsung hero, so I want to spread the word about it’s many health benefits. For more information come to my blog

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    2 thoughts on “Coconut Heaven – SuperLoaf

    • dsjgr

      I agree about that coconut is really good, I might try that some day!

      Anyway, I see that user luv2run31 has started a wall squat (wall sit) challenge. She managed 8 minutes, and I’m curious to see if you could be able to beat her.

    • wheelori814

      thanks for the video, well done! Just to clarify for people though, 170 degrees you are talking about is celcius, its more or less equivalent to 335-340 degrees fahrenheit.

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