One thought on “Coconut Milk?

  • J F

    Most people are under the impression that coconut milk is nothing but the watery liquid found in coconuts. But, actually coconut milk is a milky white sweet liquid that is obtained from the flesh of mature coconut. There are two types of milk that are derived from coconut, namely thick and thin.

    For taking the advantage of thick coconut milk nutrition, the grated coconut meat is squeezed. The squeezed coconut meat is then soaked in warm water and squeezed a second or third time for thin coconut milk. As far as the coconut milk use is concerned, thick milk is used for preparing yummy mouthwatering desserts and sauces. Whereas thin coconut milk is used in the preparation of soups.

    Coconut milk finds a special place in many tropical cuisines, especially Thai, Singaporean, and Malaysian. It acts as a source of a wide range of vitamins, minerals, potassium, folate and other vital nutrients. Talking about the coconut milk calorie, 1 cup canned coconut milk contains 445 calories, whereas frozen milk contains 485 calories. Raw coconut milk contains the maximum number of calories, which are approximately 552. Coconut milk is available in the market in different styles of packaging like cans and tetra packs.

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