Coconut Milk in place of coconut cream? Will it work?

I am making a coconut cream cake that calls for the mixing of one can of sweeten condensed milk and a can of cream of coconut to be combined and poured over the warm cake. I could not find cream of coconut, but rather coconut milk at the grocery. Will this make a significant difference in my cake? Where can I find cream of coconut if so? Thanks in advance!

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    One thought on “Coconut Milk in place of coconut cream? Will it work?

    • K/M

      It will make a difference…coconut cream is where the drink mixes are…used to make pina coladas. if you are making the cake that I am thinking of…it is to die for. Don’t swap out ingredients, you’ll be sorry!.

      Cool the cake COMPLETELY before putting it in the fridge. Use real cream for the whipped cream and toast some of the coconut that you put on top of the cake.

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