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Coconut Milk is so easy to make yourself! Lately I’ve been noticing coconut milk everywhere: in lattes and even eggnog! But the ones on the shelves that come in those paper boxes as a non-dairy…

25 thoughts on “Coconut Milk Recipe Homemade – HoneysuckleCatering

  • Mengxi Xing

    Wow! What a brilliant method to make home-made coconut milk! But Dzung(hope
    I spelt it right), do you know whether this can subtitute the store bought
    one under any situations? Such as in making bread, or other desserts??

  • Haley Yun

    This is a channel that deserves wayyy more attention then it already has.
    The videos are easy to understand, and the visuals help guide you along the
    process. Plus, you have an amazing voice sound, what not to love? ?

  • azlifah95

    My mum buys freshly grated coconut and just adds water to make coconut
    milk. She used to make me squeeze it. I hated it because it took a lot of
    effort doing it by hand. HAHA. They use to sell it near my house a couple
    of years ago but we can still find them at a wet market in my country. We
    have a coconut milk rice dish called the Nasi Lemak. It’s popular in places
    like Singapore and Malaysia. ?

  • TheASTrader

    I stopped drinking store bought coconut milk exactly for the same reason.
    Weirdo gums and stabilizers make me sick. Thank you for sharing this.
    I’ll have to give it a try. ?

  • Baby Jane Hudson

    I’m still trying to find cows milk alternative that I like. Will try the
    homemade version as store bought has weird taste.?

  • taiba Alhashemi

    Guar gum is made from guar beans and carrageenan is made from red seaweed.
    Both are thickeners and stabilizers. ?

  • vidiesel

    I heard you can re-dry the flakes after making the milk, the grind it up
    and use it as coconut flour. Have you tried that??

  • annie lynn

    What a great idea…I love it! Keep up the good work. Your videos are very
    interesting and enjoyable! And you have such a sweet voice! ?

  • Jessie Atan

    I’m a new subbie for about two weeks and I have to say this is the best
    channel for food and inspiration! Definitely gonna try alot of your recipes
    ! ?

  • CrispAlli

    I never knew that it was sooo easily and only 2 ingredients!!!! In fact it
    is so easy that i am going to make it today! Can’t wait!?

  • selam getu

    I definitely want to try this. My mom and I aren’t huge fans of the coconut
    milk that comes in cans in the asian food isle of the store. I have a magic
    bullet type blender with no vent hole. Could I wait for it to cool down a
    bit then blend it? Also, could you use a sieve to strain it? ?

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