Coconut milk tapioca pearl dessert/ Sago, ?????

All videos come with english captions. Please click the CC Button to activate english subtitles. ??????????????, ??CC ??Please add me as your friend on facebook: ??????????facebook ?: You can find more recipes and information on my website: ?????: ????????????????Chinese and english recipe/ instructions below : ??: 1. 100 ml = 3. 38 fl oz ?2. 40 ?= 1. 4 oz ?3. 1/4 ???4. 165 ?= 5. 8 oz ??, ??5. 800 ml = 27 fl oz ?6. 40 ?= 1. 4 oz ????7. 1/3 ??????( ???) 8. ????, ???, ???, ???, ???. ?????????. Ingredients: 1. 100 ml = 3. 38 fl oz milk 2. 40 grams = 1. 4 oz sugar 3. 1/4 tsp salt 4. 165 grams = 5. 8 oz coconut milk, small can 5. 800 ml = 27 fl oz water 6. 40 grams = 1. 4 oz thai tapioca pearl 7. 1/3 tsp pandan leaves juice 8. some logan, muskmelon, mango, papaya, water melon, choose your favorite fruits

25 thoughts on “Coconut milk tapioca pearl dessert/ Sago, ?????

  • iiPierceThruDarkness

    Thank you – the way you made this video? makes it really easy to follow.

  • erimkryst

    Hi this? is one of my favorite desserts but I don’t know the name of it. I’m also not sure if there are places I can buy this pre made.

  • RosaArizona

    thanks Maria,? if you like brown colour, sugar change with brown sugar,
    my country (indonesia) eat this is too, sago we call “sagu”

  • RosaArizona

    i think you buy boba pearl at asian store,cook the same sago.
    for tea, they sell chai tea,only put hard water and put ice, and shake.
    i like green tea, i make green tea and honey with hard water,
    and put ice ,shake and put boba
    if you like green tea, buy boba green colour,
    if you like? milk tea,you buy boba purple or black boba

  • TheSeankay

    hello, can you provide the recipe please. i don’t understand chinese. thank you very much? for sharing.

  • wantanmien

    HI, I add english subtitles to any of my? video. Please click on the CC Button and you will see them. Everything I say is translated there ^^

  • miszlovable

    When i eat it in restaurants i eat it hot. So I was wondering what step would i do differently if I want it hot??

  • wantanmien

    Hi, step? 1. cook the thai tapioca pearls first then cook the coconut milk. Have a great day ^^

  • macpha1

    Lovely recipe which I have made a few times before but now I need to make a large quantity for a party – about 20 times your recipe for about 50 people. How many days before can I prepare the tapioca dessert? Is it best to store each? cooked ingredient separate or should I mix the tapioca and coconut milk mix together to store and then add the fruit on the day? Thank you for your advice

  • wantanmien

    Please cook the tapioca in that morning then put in a tupperbox, so? the fruits and the cooked coconut milk mixture, all the ingredients separate put in fridge. ( Don’t mix the tapioca with coconut milk together to store, the tapioca will become too soft ). Mix all together before serving. Have a great day ^^

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