Coconut Milk Treatment For Long Hair

In this video I am showing you guys how I do a hair treatment that will help your hair grow. This treatment is a protein treatment so if you are protein sens…

25 thoughts on “Coconut Milk Treatment For Long Hair

  • sunshine4ever16

    your hair is really growing? 🙂 love your videos and maybe you should do a video on how you preserve your curls at night

  • Kedra Starr,.

    love the video, i want to try it- but my only concern is will warming it? deplete some of the natural benefits in the coconut milk

  • Peg Innam

    Have you ever tried pure organic coconut oil, I? also have curly hair and use the coconut oil, must be organic, you can find it at the health food store or vitamin shop….

  • Stephanie Rome

    arganra?n products works. that’s all that really needs to be said. ?t did take about? 2 months to see results, but the regrowth is noticeable and ?… will continue to use arganrain products.

  • cillarein

    Thank you for doing this video! I am going to try this. I have been watching your videos for years and you do a great job! I have to admit that I need to be more patient with my hair and give it more attention. My hair is similar to your. But it has been around the same length for the last few years? and I cannot seem to get it to grow. I hope this will help. Do you have any suggestions?

  • sarayve

    You know, you? can put the whole can of coconut milk in the refrigerator and the thick cream will rise to the top and you can just scoop it off and use it instead of cooking the milk which may kill some of the nutrients in the product. It’s the same consistency and takes less time/effort. I did this treatment a lot.

  • Maria G

    Beautiful! I mix my coconut milk with my deep conditioner. I’ll have to try? your boiling method. Tu pelo te quedo lindisimo

  • Amy Delgado

    Beatiful! I Hope i? can do it One Day Does Normal coconut oil work or does is have to be the one with the milk please answer soon Thanks (: xx

  • Diva Wuan

    Your hair looks gorgeous! Your hair looks like it? was style with a curling wand, lovely natural curls.

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