Coconut Oil ? My Secret Beauty Weapon! Skin, Nails, Hair, Food, Everything!

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25 thoughts on “Coconut Oil ? My Secret Beauty Weapon! Skin, Nails, Hair, Food, Everything!

  • Emily James

    Hey I just bought a 1.6L jar of coconut oil online for $30.00… Which I’m not sure if it’ll be worth it if it doesn’t last me that long. I’m just wondering towards anyone who uses this? oil regularly if this lasts them a decent amount of time? If so, how long?

  • Emily James

    AND ALSO, I? am mainly buying this for my hair and so that would really be the only thing I would use it for so I wouldn’t use it that often.. maybe once or twice a week to cover my hair. Have you also experienced it making your hair grow fast? If so, how long did it take for it to make it grow? THANKS TO ANYONE WHO HAS THE ANSWERS TO MY QUESTIONS 🙂

  • Esma Talas

    I hope you know that your hair won’t grow faster because of coconut? oil. First of all it doesn’t make sense at all and more over my doctor told me that almost nothing would make hair grow faster. I bought coconut oil too, and I used it a long period of time, but in the end I noticed that it didn’t changed anything..

  • sharna olds

    I brought blue coconut,? coconut oil from the supermarket. will it still work the same or not?

  • youngbeautyxo

    I brought ceres? organics coconut oil from countdown , it says high-heat cooking oil but should it work the same ?

  • SelinaaaBro10

    Try Pure Fiji products! So good, the body scrubs, the infused coconut oil everything? smells amazing and so hydrating! Bit pricey though but definitely worth it! xx

  • 10shezz20

    Hi 🙂 I’m Fijian Indian and have been brought up using coconut oil in my hair,honestly it’s amazing!! U can buy it Really cheap? in Indian stores,u get a big 1ltr bottle for like $5 and it’s all organic,comes straight from Fiji 🙂 hope this helps you guys 🙂 take care!! xx

  • eimeare07

    Went out and bought some today in the health store – so I’m excited? to start using it!

  • stephinexo

    I need to try this! My hair is dry and I’ve been battling? eczema for months now and I’ve heard this works for it!

  • Raccoon94

    I tried this twice on my hair before shampoo? (letting it sit for a couple hours) and my hair is sooooo soft!! 6€ for a jar of organic virgin oil, totally worth it!!

  • Sheryl Wadehra

    I remember I used oil my hair everyday? to school in kindergarten. Every one used to make fun of me and said I smelled. And now everyone loves it because it has so many great benefits. 🙂

  • Diemmi Nguyen

    HELP can you use high heat? coconut oil im scared to use it cause its the only one i could find

  • tashateacup

    i haven’t looked in coles yet, but woolworths/safeway have a jar of it in the asian foods isle, labeled as ‘organic coconut oil’ in a white and orange? jar for $6

  • Lisa Zalez

    Omg, I did the same thing? I got sunburned and rubbed coconut oil on my body vanished the next day!

  • nukita8

    Another? thing you can do and it works great is after tanning like at night use it as moisturizing it will make you tan stay like forever lol, I use this trick every summer and its great!

  • Kila Kiila

    The comments below? from a couple of hours and days ago, coconut oil is coconut oil regardless so just splash it all over from head to toes. Its an old school remedy from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack in the pacific islands!!

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