6 thoughts on “Coconut Oil 101

  • JoshHarvey007

    I’ve been using coconut oil 4 years on my hair and it was beautiful, healthy & long. When I stopped using it, over time my hair fell out. I also introduced it to my boyfriend 4 his eczema & what, No more outbreaks.I also put my best friend on to it & his eczema has also cleared up & his overall body & skin. He also states that it’s a lady attractant. Well, I’m back to using it, its the wonder food, drug, hair and skin oil, etc. I also read a study about the positive effects & Aids patients.

  • gleaming4u

    I love Coconut Oil and I am aware of some of its positive properties, but I have learned much more by listening to your Video. Thanks. It increases the Metab.

  • farhancpa

    well are you insane that you use vegetable oil for frying? it is the worst thing you can do.. what you shud do is use coconut oil for frying too but instead of throwing the oil after done, you should save it.. don’t forget coconut oil dont go rancid like other oils..

    you shud definitely use vegetable oil for frying.. after certain temprature the chemistry of oil changes and become carcinogenic

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