Coconut Oil

Disclaimer: This is my own personal (unsolicited) review of this oil from Tropical Traditions. Discussing my experience using coconut oil: hair, skin, body. *Also, in the video I mentioned one of the products contained a plant based wax and soil, correction, none of their products I used contain soy or soy derivatives.

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    24 thoughts on “Coconut Oil

    • jazzyslim2005

      Thank you for the compliments! I actually don’t have to melt it even when the oil is in a solid state, I just will take clumps of it and rub it into my hair because the body temp. and friction from rubbing it in will naturally melt it quickly. I can’t comment too much on other brands that sell coconut oil but a lot of those oils are of lower quality b/c? they have been manufactured and contains other additives, the oil I use is 100% Virgin and hasn’t caused buildup in my locks

    • CherishMyDaughter

      Castor oil is my main oil but I love coconut oil. I can’t wait to get past this young loc stage so I can get more serious with the oils. I am so glad you have a little time? to make videos. There are so few? women with the same look as me (skin issues too) and I am really encouraged to watch someone’s journey and have it be something I can attain. Thank you!

    • saintloui

      Wow your video was very very informative!!!! i’ve only been using it for my hair but am going to try? it on my skin and to cook with. Do you think the coconut oil in addition to the black soap has help clear up your face? or the coconut oil alone?

    • BrownSkinLady22

      I may have to try the coconut oil and black soap reginmen. Because I still get acne even though I am clearly? not a teenager anymore. I’ve also been looking for a moisturizer for my locs so coconut oil will be up next.

    • jazzyslim2005

      Thnk you! I started using the coconut oil on my face? for the 1st 3 months and it reduced the amount of breakouts and inflammation drastically. I noticed results the first morning and by the end of the first week my face had no acne. It also evened my face, cleared some scars, and softened it. Once I started using black soap in addition to the oil I noticed my face cleared up even more. So, def a combination of both, coconut oil stopped the breakouts and soap cleared my blemishes

    • jazzyslim2005

      This has been the only thing that has ever worked on my face b.c i had to suffer from breakouts and inflammation. My face is naturally oily so it was hard to fend off the breakouts, but this regimen is so simple but so effective! I didn’t start using them out together, I guess it was accidental? lol But they? seem to work well together. And I hope the oil works well with your locs!

    • freegurl76

      I ordered TT hair oil & a lot of their products about 3 months ago. I absolutely LOVE how my hair feels and looks. My texlaxed hair no longer needs a cheap oil sheen spray to make it shiny. I seal with the Rosemary hair oil and it darkens my hair; therefore, I don’t have to cover my gray as often. I love the organic? popcorn and I pop it in the coconut oil.It is delicious better than movie theatre popcorn. This products are the BEST! I am so happy you are informing ppl about this oil. 65% off now

    • jazzyslim2005

      I? useNubian Heritage African Black Soap. I also use their Black Soap with Oats, Aloe, & Vitamin E.

    • george7372

      I started using organtic virgin coconut oil from Nutiva, its from the Philippines, its also used for cooking. I bought it at the health food store. Wow is all I can say, my locs and scalp just soaked it up and it strenthed the root of my locs as well. They are so soft and? they are growing so much better!! Magic in a jar!!

    • d0llie123

      buy coconut oil and other all natural products online at, use the code KOY923? at? checkout for $5.00 off your purchase for all? first time customers! 🙂

    • superslyfoxx1

      There are some grocery stores that carry coconut oil. You need to look at health food stores or larger grocery stores in? the natural foods sections

    • jazzyslim2005

      I have bought some oil from those stores…good tip. I like the cold? expeller pressed kind…so I typically order from that company…

    • superslyfoxx1

      Cool. I think I was typing as I was listening to your message and you explained the reason why you like the particular kind you get. You made me want? to order it too! lol Gorgeous locs sis..

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