Coconut Oil

Just a quick video on my love for coconut is a link directly to my blog post. .I’m also on twitter @kenyaful. Check out my blog and leave a comment…

6 thoughts on “Coconut Oil

  • TeGaZsaZsa

    Hello how do you use this oil for weight loss? Do I put on my fatty areas like? a lotion for everdayuse or only when Im working out?

  • kenyaful2012

    I’ve posted some interesting facts about coconut oil on my blog Click the link in the description box to? go directly to that post. Thanks for stopping by:)

  • spearsg

    Agreed – *that* brand (Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil) is the stufff!!!!!!!!!!! I buy it in 54 oz for $24 online. Like you said, just starting out I was getting the stuff at the grocery store, whatever. But this Nutiva stuff has? a really nice smell (like coconuts) man, i cant rave enough about it.

  • MrsNewAmericaNow

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