5 thoughts on “Coconut Oil!!

  • DessyQT

    I use the vatika? coconut oil, lots of listas use that also. Its from indian store with neem and alma oil and lemon with other Ayurvedic Powders

  • sea orchids

    I love coconut oil too!!! I got my online, but I noticed it’s cheaper at Whole foods.
    Thanks for the videos. Hair looks great. ?

  • JADORElex

    The coconut oil I use does not? make my hair greasy it is very light, but that is what works for me. It also depends on how thick or fine your hair is…if your hair is thick you would use more than you would if it was fine.

  • videogamegoddess1

    You remind me so much of Stacy Dash….. look wise and the way you? sound. Luv your videos! 🙂

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