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  • Globalpack

    Interesting, I thought coconut oil is equally healthy heated or not.

    Summary; heated coconut oil is good for you but raw/unheated is preferred. Thank you!

  • faithm

    i recently realized that i never ate oil! i’m so used to the idea that its bad (even though i never totally bought that) that I inadvertently avoided it. i’ve been putting it on my food after it’s done cooking (unless i’m making an egg, then i use a bit in the pan). eating oil has reduced my appetite too, most of my appetite was reduced by avoiding msg though 🙂

  • singularity3

    Actually he’s wrong about exactly how Saturated Fat came to be considered the main cause of heart disease, Ancel Keys originally believed it was the total amount of fat in your diet that was the main factor, then after that was refuted, he switched to saying Saturated fats raise cholesterol and cholesterol heart disease, which was also refuted, but the only studies that were publicized were the very few that supported his claims. You can learn more about it in Good calories Bad calories.

  • abcdfx123

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