Coconut Oil! :)

My first video.! I’m talkking about the wonders of Coconut Oil. I will probably go more into detail about how to take care of your damaged hair in another video. Thanks for watching though.!

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    13 thoughts on “Coconut Oil! :)

    • passion231984

      i use aphogee and i alternate between that and nexxus for moisture and i also do deep conditioning with coconut oil and it is great. but the keratin reconstructor is great you are going to love it. i just started my hair journey in october of 09and im already seeing great results as well as growth and i blame it on the coconut oil. but i hope to see more of your videos your hair is pretty i want mine that length but im working on it

    • 23brittbrat23

      Thank you so much for your support..!:) It means a lot. And yeah i’m loving the aphogee so far. I think my favorite would have to be the coconut oil hands down though:) And i actually just cut my hair to get all my chemically treated hair off so i can start fresh. I’m hoping to get it longer than it was:)You can see my new shorter length in my newer video.But i’d love to hear more about your hair journey some time.!:) Again thank you for viewing:)

    • 23brittbrat23

      @elegance212 In this video i got it at Walmart in the vitamin section for 12 dollars. At Whole Foods they have a bigger jar for only 8 dollars.

    • 1Femme1Stud

      petrolatum is horrible! DONT USE IT! EXSPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE NATURAL HAIR! but yu should post a video about how to do a moisture treatment! [cuz i dont know ;P] great video! but since yu asked… i LOVE coconut oil! i use organic coconut oil and i put in my natural products i sell locally. i use as a moisturizer and it works wonders on my skin[healed my acne]! exspecially if yu put it on at night… in the morning yu have a new face!

    • 23brittbrat23

      @1Femme1Stud I totally agree with you.! Petrolatum is definitely not good for our hair. And I also use it as a moisturizer for the face and I love it.!:)

    • smellsogoody

      I buy mines online at iherb ,first time customers can use this ongoing coupon code TAW742 to get $5 off any order (valid for 1 person per household ) I used my coupon to get a free jar of Jarrow Formulas, Coconut Oil, Expeller Pressed, 16 oz

    • Tacos2332

      @passion231984 hi ii wanna qet coconut oil but how often wud ii be able to use it? Also am ii supposed to deep condition before or after ii wash mii hair?im so lost about haiir and ii wanna make it healthiier HELP PLEASE! =/

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