26 thoughts on “Coconut Oil

  • beautybykat80

    Beautiful hair! The coconut oil should work well for moisture, not sure about hold tho. I would def. Keep using your twist gel for the very ends tho. So they don’t unrAvel on you. Good idea Bout the satin cap under the wool hAt

  • TheRoyalEmpress

    Thanx, good idea. Maybe i should just use it on the ends of my twists, then i can always go back and moisturize them later on with the coconut oil. :0)
    Thanx for commenting!

  • beautybykat80

    yeah, find the combo that works for you.. cause I hated when my ends wouldn’t cooperate bc of not having them sealed, moisturized and held properly. anyway, your hair is flourishing, so you obviously know more than I !! lol

  • BoHoLioness

    I use both of them and they work amazingly on my hair. =)

    However my ends always unravel so I use bobby pins to hold them together (I never wear my twist out though)

  • NappyBeauty

    I know what you mean about the coconut oil and the lack of wetness but coconut oil is so good for our hair that I don’t mind it at all. I usually mix it with something, if I need the wetness for a style.

  • hon3yg1rl

    I am sooo jealous!!! My poor lil thin hair looks sickly in twists! lol! But I’m keeping hope and health alive!!

  • blackhairchronicles

    what section in walmart did you get it in because my dad and I went looking for it but couldn’t find it.

  • TheRoyalEmpress

    I wish I could remember exactly the aisle it was in, but I’m not too sure. I believe it was in the aisle with the olive oils, but at my walmart there were 2 different aisles with olive oils…so i guess the one i got it from was an organic section. You can also get it from Whole Foods though for a dollar cheaper

  • TheLalena30

    oh hey royalempress i was wondering how did your hair look in the begining when you first decided to go natural to where you are now hit me girl god bless

  • TheRoyalEmpress

    @rebellipstick I would return it if I could. The unrefined coconut oil is MUCH better. Feels better, better texture, moisturizes better.

  • TheRoyalEmpress

    @bigmik29 it was in an aisle with like 40 different brands of olive oil lol. They had Spectrumm Unrefined coconut oil and Nutiva unrefined coconut oil on the top shelf and then they had other oils like sweet almond oil and grapeseed oil,etc.

  • potterylady1

    Yeah you are right. It just helps to seal in moisture. But you should put water on first then then oil. With oils you have to use water first then put it on. That’s if you want to seal in moisture!

  • TheRoyalEmpress

    @potterylady1 thanks for the tip. I’m actually about to do that now….I’m on vacation and had to wash my hair and didnt bring any products, but my sis has coconut oil.

  • TheRoyalEmpress

    @falessade thank you :). I would say that if you’re going to use chemicals you really have to make an extra effort with moisturizing and strengthening the hair. Get rid of split ends…I like the search and destroy method, deep condition as often as you feel it’s needed, pay particular attention to your ends when you moisturize, and you might also be interested in protein treatments if you find that your hair strands are weak. 🙂

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