Coconut Oil – A Healthy Substitution for Butter or Margarine In an effort to maintain quality programming, Brock and Marta decide to scale back to two episodes per week. In this brief episode, Brock discusses how coconut oil is healthy and a perfect substitute for butter or margarine. http

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    6 thoughts on “Coconut Oil – A Healthy Substitution for Butter or Margarine

    • ViridisLife

      I love Coconut Oil! It’s honestly amazing and I take it every single day!

    • albums4uus

      Love love coconut oil. Use it whenever I fry something, such as eggs, sautee veggies etc.

    • lgardnerful

      I find I don’t need to use as much oil as the recipie requires when using coconut oil plus my favorite oil to substitute for buttering toasts and breads is olive oil but love using coconut iol for chocolate cakes.

    • LisaGou

      Coconut oil & olive oil are my favs, however sesame and grapeseed oil are pretty good as well. 😀 Wonderful video, Brock! <3

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