Coconut oil – a tasty fat burner

Coconut oil stimulates metabolism, and increases thermogenesis (heat generation). Research has shown that it is an effective aid to fat loss compared to other types of fat Enjoy coconut oil as part of your daily diet

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    8 thoughts on “Coconut oil – a tasty fat burner

    • Vitatalks

      Cheers. In theory Coconut oil should improve low thyroid function, beacuse it is burnt so rapidly? by the body it ramps up metabolism!

    • datzfast

      i remember in the 1980 coconut oil was out and brominated soy oil was in. i never could eat that lip stick the government wanted us to eat so i only ate real butter. now i hear i made the right choice. by the way, i taste test oil i eat. if i cant eat a whole cup? with out puking it doent pass the test. coconut oil is great

    • hanksee

      I get my virgin coconut oil from The brand is Nutiva, certified organic. Use referral code YAN312 to get a $5 discount off your? order!

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