Coconut Oil and Acne

Try using coconut oil on your face for acne! Also ingest coconut oil for all the health benefits. At first you may notice your skin breaks out more, but do not get discouraged! Keep using the coconut oil on your face and let it clean your skin!

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    6 thoughts on “Coconut Oil and Acne

    • patryksky

      I dont think we should be eating coconut oil. coconut butter yes, but not oil. Coconut butter from “artisana” is delicious.

    • WakenBakeGrl

      @patryksky they are pretty much the same thing, hon! coconut oil is a solid and kind of butter-like blow 76 degrees F. coconut oil is GREAT for cooking and using in skin routine!

    • TheSweetSedation

      Thank you so much, this actually worked and it didn’t make my skin worse

      btw your eyes are gorgeous 🙂

    • adkpinecone

      @TheSweetSedation Thanks so much for the compliment. 🙂 I am very happy to hear that it helped you with your skin.

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