25 thoughts on “Coconut Oil and Cancer

  • donnyab

    anti cancer properties is bullshit……when these people start to say it
    will prevent cancer I stop listening…charlatan zone !!

  • donnyab

    @effyoutwob PROOF ? do you even know what that is….think we both really
    know who the ignoramus is. send me some links where this is proved or even
    hinted at and I will start to believe you……now lets see how long it
    takes you to reply ………I will remind you in a few weeks

  • jasetraber

    @lew1580 It’s unfortunate that animals must die and suffer in these tests.
    I certainly hope that a drug can be developed to treat YOUR obvious ANGER
    ISSUES…..and I hope it won’t be tested on animals. Why should they suffer
    because you act like an ass? I suspect that you are like millions of others
    that mouth off under the protection of online anonymity…..but cower in
    person. Good day! 🙂

  • evilmedia

    @VERONESEDAN Or on republican lawmakers; that would be their only
    contribution to society.

  • poosta7

    I have been taking coconut oil for one month. Main effect is that rooms now
    feel too warm. Needed to reset home thermostat from 70 down to 66 F…also
    don’t need jacket when I ride my bike. Ergo main effects experienced thus
    far is 1. a large increase in my BMR (basal metabolic rate), 2. Increased
    energy level and 3. reduced appetite.

  • Highsugarfruit Last

    How about we stop testing animals to come up with conclusions for humans?
    In one study, rats were given only fruit for a couple of days and then they
    went crazy and ate each other. Does this mean humans can’t eat fruit? NO.
    I’m sure coconut oil is good, but to make these kind of outragenous claims
    is ridiculous.

  • deskducker

    Don’t worry, we are already testing on humans in the military, so maybe
    prisons can be next, and ultimately we can leave the animals alone.

  • GnosticNinja

    They do it at Hospitals on ‘institutionalized patients’ using legal
    mumbo-jumbo and a wall of silence, the public is not informed this goes on
    every day.

  • len groozzo

    What study? I would like to take a look at it. How many were included? Who
    conducted it? Is it scientifically correct? I dont doubt the results but
    nebulous claims are suspect. Thanks

  • len groozzo

    keep looking – there are “miracles” all over the web and just to the right!

  • squishie

    how amazing 🙂 I’ve been thinking about coconut oil a lot lately and i have
    started to use it a little but i’m definitely going to start using it for
    almost everything i can now. And tell other people how great it is 🙂 Are
    there dangers of overuse?


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