Coconut Oil and Coconut Milk – Why I love them!!!

I’m nuts about Coconuts (yes, I really am!) Here’s a video to tell you why I am so obsessed with coconut! Here’s the recipe for the coconut frosting: 1 C. Co…

6 thoughts on “Coconut Oil and Coconut Milk – Why I love them!!!

  • 1blesse

    Where do you get that coconut milk from?I make my eggs with that same coconut oil you have and love? the flavor

  • LifeAfter40IsGood

    I buy it from Fresh N Easy, but I’ve also seen it at Sprouts. I like the kind that can sit on the shelf until you open it – easier to stock up and store in the pantry – and it has a long shelf life (as in over a year!!). Yes, that’s another great use of coconut oil – fried eggs! Mmmm Mmmm Good! Have you ever put some on your skin? The first night – I could not get over how yummy it smelled…and then I craved macaroons and? Almond Joy!

  • blah9876ish

    i am really interested in trying a coconut oil frosting ( i? am vegan and trying to avoid palm based margarine because it can contribute to negative environmental effects). do you think this would work on a red velvet or black forrest kind of cake ( your cakes looked great)? i love the flavour of coconut myself but i’m not sure about having it on everything.

  • LifeAfter40IsGood

    Try it w the red velvet first and see how “coco-nutty” it taste to you before putting it? on back forrest. I think its divine – so I’d put it on everything! LOL! If your climate is hot – you’ll want to chill it because coconut oil gets melty if the temp. is warm. 🙂 Good luck and let me know how it works out for you. Thanks for watching and your compliment!

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