Coconut Oil and its Beauty Benefits

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    20 thoughts on “Coconut Oil and its Beauty Benefits

    • Eclecticldy

      Thanks for the code! I just love coconut oil. I had a stash so I got some vitamins with the? $10 🙂

    • LipsSpeaks

      Awesome? video on Coconut oil! I’ve never really heard much of coconut oil so watching was super helpful to me. You give the most in depth and informative videos on things girl 🙂

    • anqiebabii312

      this video so infomative I only use coconut? oil in my hair I never thought about using it for anything else ur amazing 🙂 Thanks

    • tchanel89

      I appreciate this video and of course the $10? coupon! I got Coconut Oil and Biotin Vitamins for under $10 (shipping included!). THANK YOU!!! =)

    • ThatSnazzyGoose

      1st off all, very informative. 2ndly, it’s crazy! I thought I’d be bored listening to a single YouTuber continuously talking for over 7 minutes but there’s something about your character that I love! Listening to you for 15? mintues was like listening to a good friend of mine talk to me 🙂

    • DazzleDiaries

      @ThatSnazzyGoose? awwww what a sweet comment. Thank you! lol. sorry…i know i can ramble and ramble cant i??? i always want to make videos shorter than 10 minutes, but it just never seems that way…i need a timer or something! hahaha

    • michimommy1

      Thank you for this? video. I make homemade soap and have always used coconut oil, but didn’t even think about using it by itself for all the benefits that you stated. I’m enjoying your other videos as well. 🙂

    • Cayla29S

      I use coconut oil as a hair treatment once a week. I massage it on my scalp and then focus on the ends of my hair. I leave it on for an hour the I? shampoo it, it makes my hair so shiny after and I have never needed to use a conditioner ever. It is oily though so I try to use on days that I don’t need to style my hair.

    • Cayla29S

      I also use it as moisturizer for my toe nail cuticle if Im taking a break from pedicure in the winter time. I use a q tip and rub? around the nails. I can’t believe people spend so much money on hair treatment products when you can get this so much cheaper.

    • cdbmua82

      AHHH! Thank you so much, I just used your link and got my favorite? coconut oil free and only paid the 4.99 shipping!!!

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