Coconut Oil and other Tips for Dry “Natural” Hair

From time to time my hair gets drier than I like. Here are a few tips for you if that is or has been one of your problems too. This journey has been so AWESOME! Now I make, sell and teach others how to make a mix! Consider ordering your natural products from me Organic Life Products opening soon!

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    17 thoughts on “Coconut Oil and other Tips for Dry “Natural” Hair

    • veesee

      Nice, we did the BIG chop at the same time…(yeah!) except I have been natural since 1991 and dreadlocked from 1994 until I did the Big Loc chop in September 2009…

    • buttafli5881

      Im not natural, but my hair is always dry and I have started to use coconut oil in it and it can tell that it last a lot longer then some of the expensive stuff I was buying. Thanks for the type.

    • 1prettysoul

      You have beautiful curly hair, thanks for the tips! Your hair is growing nicely! It will be fierce wants it gets big and full!!!!

    • ressenycva

      Thanks for the tip. I will be trying glycerine and then closing the cuticle with aloe vera gel. Remember that the natural pH of our sebum of our hair is 4 to 4.5. The trick is to find a moisturizing agent (glycerine, I sometimes use leave in cond) and then close the cuticle to seal moisture with either the 3 closers. Cold temp, pH or manual closing (shea butter or another heavy butter). 🙂


      @buttafli5881 Great! The coconut oil is good for your hair if you’re natural or not. I’d suggest using very little on relaxed hair or it will be too heavy. Add some to your conditioner and see how you like it and let me know if it works 🙂 Thanks for watching!


      @1prettysoul Thank you! I am in awe myself at the big curls. I’m SO glad I went natural…I will be rocking that big fro soon (I hope!)


      @ressenycva The glycerine works well right out the shower with water. I really like it. You always have the tech spin. I like it! 🙂

    • revolutiongurl76

      I think it would be wonderful if we had a group of ladies who hair is about the same length and do videos to see how one another. Hair doing each month and grow the hair toghether to reach our goal because our hair hair is on the same length almost so let me know what u think about that


      @revolutiongurl76 I think that is a GREAT idea! Do you want me to share it or are you going to spearhead it? Send me a PM.

    • revolutiongurl76

      I think it would be cool for you to spread it! I’m getting my video thing together then i can get a group going where we can send each other videos to one another! as soon as possible 🙂 we can start the Month of January

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