Coconut Oil and Raw Almond Butter-Yum!

more about me: coconut oil review, low carb, “Controlling the Carb Monster” visit my This is just a few item I bought this week to help benefit my low carb lifestyle. **Disclaimer Throughout this video and video information, statements are made pertaining to the properties and/or functions of food and/or nutritional products. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration/FTC and these materials and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.I have no affiliation with these products. The product companies have not paid me for this video, these product was bought with my own money. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by anything but my own experience with the product.”

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    21 thoughts on “Coconut Oil and Raw Almond Butter-Yum!

    • xf89

      Great stuff you’ve got there, Bonnie! You’re doing great! Keep up the good work!

    • sw29366

      Been looking for coconut oil in uk in main supermarkets, not found it yet – funny enuff we use to use it as teens for tanning lotion, when we had ozone. Almond butter – keep hearing about -what do you do with that – low carb wise – dip, spread, ?

    • JesusLovesYou0319

      What low carb plan are you on? there are so many out there? coconut sounds good mmmmmmm

    • Bonnie90505

      eat Almond butter like you would peanut butter, try it on celery, eat it by the spoonful, like I do for a quick hunger snack, it is pack with good stuff,it is expensive. I just bought the raw almond butter, no sugar, or salt, just mushy almonds,you like almonds?
      coconut oil, I am doing a quit update on that stuff…oh my, do I think I hit the jack pot on that stuff.. I found it in the organic part of the is expensive,I like trying new things never would of bought before low carb.

    • Bonnie90505

      oh great, someone else love these products, I just found out about them a month ago and was saving money to get them they are expensive, but worth every penny!

    • Bonnie90505

      Try eating it, or cooking with it…organic. helps digestion and load of other stuff, I am waiting before I brag too much, but so far, I have more energy than ever in the mornings.

    • Bonnie90505

      I can post a link to a video, this guy is what caught my eye and I waited a month to try it and i think I hit the jack pot with this stuff..If you look at my favorite videos on my page, you will see Underground wellness, the topic is on coconut oil..very good info. I will post an update in about 2 weeks after eating this every day…too soon for me to say too much, but I believe there is some benefits in healthy way.

    • Bonnie90505

      save your money and try it, but if you don’t like almonds, forget it..I use it like I would peanut butter..

    • Bonnie90505

      I am on my own plan, I made it custom for me and the food I can and will eat..I dont like cauliflower, I am learning to like broccoli with cheese on it..and real butter..yummy low carb style. of course I need to love raw broccoli, more nutrients.there is a favorite video I posted on my page from Underground wellness..Sean talks about coconut oil, he is what made me want to try it.

    • macomarell

      You can make your own nut butter in the food processor. Raw organic almonds are cheaper. I get them in bulk from Raley’s.
      I like coconut oil. Nice aroma.

    • beautifuldaymua

      Thanks for the tips and recipe. I wish I wasn’t so lazy in the kitchen sometimes. 🙁

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