Coconut Oil-Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Cleanse

my blog- while I go through opiate detox,my body is also detoxing off of toxins in the foods I have been eating and this is a great cleanse that is working for me. Coconut oil is a powerful cleansing food that also provides plenty of natural energy during a detox. The cleansing properties of apple cider vinegar have been utilized for centuries. Eastern medicine teaches us that apple cider vinegar can help stimulate circulation and aid detoxification in the liver. Ancient cultures often used apple cider vinegar to purify the blood. Today we are exposed to more toxins than ever before, so it’s become even more important that we take care of our bodies by detoxing with natural medicinal foods like apple cider vinegar Learn more Learn more: if you want for information on a coconut oil cleanse read Learn How to Detox with a Coconut Oil Cleanse Learn more: Disclaimer- I purchased Tropical Traditions coconut oil with my own money, I am not sponsored by Tropical Traditions, but I do Love their product and here is there website: or visit my blog for more info. Throughout this video I made,statements are made pertaining to the properties and/or functions of food and/or nutritional products. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration/FTC and these materials and products are not intended to diagnose

14 thoughts on “Coconut Oil-Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Cleanse

  • QueenThrisa

    I haven’t seen you on here in a while! Great video!! Have you thought about trying green smoothies? Dan the man (here on youtube) has some great videos on healing with things like green smoothies and other recipes. I hope you start? feeling better soon! 🙂

  • NaeNaeBoo01

    Feel better in Jesus mighty name! Thank you for this informative video. You take good care:))) God bless? you!

  • Rabbitfootie

    Hey Coconut (just playing) Glad to see that you are making it thru the detox? situation. 🙂 Your hair is looking really good…and I know it hasssss to be the coconut.hehe Hang in there Bonnie 🙂 take care <3Rabbit

  • SherLynn40

    I am so glad you are feeling better. Whole Foods are the way to go. It is so important to keep? the body as alkaline as possible. Otherwise….you do get the pain and inflammation. Take care, Bonnie!!!

  • SherLynn40

    Walking is great….but the main thing is your diet. A healthy diet of lot of veggies and fruits, beans, nuts and seeds and lean meats/fish is 80% of weight loss. I was in a car accident and? could not work out for 18 months, but did not gain back any weight, due to my healthy way of eating!!! 🙂 You can do this! And drinking lots of filtered pure water. Half your body weight in ounces of water each day!

  • 1965blaze

    good for? you sweetheart! iam all for this and belive in this i do the same thing iam a vegetarian and raise my own eggs so good! I also have a natural soap i make if your interested check out my site
    creamycreeknaturalsdotcom i use coconut oil in my soaps!
    love your Info and congrats on feeling better!

  • robbull3247

    I have been on vicodin and norco since I have been 14 i am now 20 I have went through detox about 15 times since then, I try to work out my back and then? I detox myself completely to see how my back is and I always end up taking them again after 3 weeks from the start of detox because my pain is so bad I cant explain but I take 2-4 norco 7.5/325 just like you was and it is very hard to detox but 2 weeks is when all the withdrawals are gone thats why i wait two weeks before measurment of pain

  • Bonnie90505

    thank you for this info, I am at 10 days, my pain is at night.I will wait for the two weeks and see my level of pain,detoxing is good..give your body a break, but if you are prescribed the pills,follow the dosage and know you can go off them for awhile? or take them as are so young to be in pain and on Norco but cleanse your liver..I am waiting to rid my body of tylenol, but ibu and aleve are harsh on the stomach-and kidneys.but I am tying to be careful with the amount I take too.

  • auxbel

    can it help to detox thc? trying to make? a new life with a good job and leaving that behind

  • Bonnie90505

    yes, I believe a detox will help, just be careful and be committed-there is no time like today..stay in touch, ok :)?

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