Coconut Oil as a Gel Alternative

In this video I show how I use coconut oil on my hair in lieu of styling gel. I DO NOT use styling gel for hold (I hate crunchy hair), I use gel for shine. I like coconut oil because you never have to worry about it flaking and it gives my hair the same shine that gel does. Find out more about coconut oil on my blog.

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    11 thoughts on “Coconut Oil as a Gel Alternative

    • TheSoulfulSista

      @NaturalMe72 Thanks. I know what you mean. I’m so glad I decided to give it a try.

    • TheSoulfulSista

      @CenaRoku I apply this to dry hair when I use it to pre-poo and I use it on wet hair for my wash n gos. I know oil and water don’t mix, but I like the shine the coconut oil gives me when I use it on wet hair. The water eventually evaporates or absorbs into my hair and the coconut oil is left. If I try to use coconut oil on dry hair, it disrupts my curl pattern a little too much.

    • simo206

      ok i’ve been trying to figure how to get rid of frizziness from my TWA for the longest time so thanks for posting this. Off topic, but what is the song in this video? LOVE IT!!!!!!

    • TheSoulfulSista

      @simo206 You’re welcome. For me finger coiling is the trick. You can also use gel on those super stubborn pieces of hair that won’t curl. Eco Styler works great for that. The song I just a sample track from Windows Media Player.

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