27 thoughts on “Coconut oil at Walmart

  • 12quillemall5321

    What section is the coconut oil in. My neighbor said the phamacy I looked with the regular oil. Still can’t find it

  • MooeyMcQuack416

    Use virgin coconut oil. You can get it at any ethnic foods store (Asian, Hispanic, etc) for about $3 and it’s PURE. Chances are if it’s sold at Wal-Mart, it’s not good quality and is loaded with unhealthy fillers.

  • renewed2008

    i got that coconut oil also and ive done my research on that brand and so many ppl says that it ok or the hair and its just as good as the high price coconut oil

  • captainflowerpower

    It’s $23 a tub in england and it’s not as big as that! So I have to admit I did snigger at your video as it’s sooooo cheap!! :p

  • tinajo650

    I just came from a super walmart & it was 5.28 here in TN.

    I don’t think I need that much though…

  • josbo51715

    So a product is automatically bad just because it’s sold at Walmart? What sense does that make? Is it impossible for Walmart to sell PURE coconut oil?

  • aloofshani

    I just bought Extra Virgin Coconut oil at Walmart. So yes it is possible for Walmart to sell organic coconut oil.

  • cooksalot1

    It was less than 4 bucks. Yeah I’m feeling ripped off too. I think it’s because now it’s coming out that coconut oil is a lot healthier than reported not to long ago. So of course they have to up the price right? Like the spray on hose that was 2.99 then talk shows were saying how great it is and you can’t buy if for less than 12.99 now. Face it Walmart just wants to make a buck at our expense.

  • Creditgirl2020

    You might not like the smell of “Parachute Oil” found in Indian Stores. It smells somewhat like burnt bacon oil or something. But when I say I used it to hot oil my hair or moisturize my ends, it was great.

    Good video!

  • AnaisKarim

    Yeah this used to be about $2.50 at Walmart when I started my locs almost 6 years ago. But the popularity has jacked up the price.

  • greatbydesign33

    I say buy REAL coconut oil from your local health food store. Health products from Walmart are cheap and you get what you pay for. You will not … repeat NOT experience the TRUE benefits of coconut oil playing around with that FAKE stuff.

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  • Azri

    yeah..i would LOVE to shop at a health food market..guess what? I CAN’T BLOODY WELL AFFORD TO!! Walmart is still cheaper in most cases. so yes, i will be going to Walmart and buying the organic coconut oil. and a whole kaboodle of other things. i love it when folks say “don’t shop at Walmart” OK..when other stores start selling decent products at or below Walmart prices? I’ll shop there. oh, hey, i ordered some of the parachute oil. it smells like toasted coconuts. 😀 i like it. i put it on my hair after i’ve showered . then i coat my hair lightly with the parachute coconut oil and braid it. i have naturally curly, bleached blond hair..diggit, the coconut oil makes it soft and really gorgeous shiny and the toasted coconut smell mixes with my body chemistry REALLY well. i wear a burnt sugar vanilla perfume..it all blends together really REALLY well!! 😀 cheers!

  • Susan

    You do realize that there is no such thing as “extra” virgin coconut oil. There is absolutely no difference between virgin and extra virgin. And as for organic….organic means farmed with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. According to several sites research about 90% of the coconut farmers can’t afford pesticides or fertilizers in the first place nor can they afford the pay out to be “certified organic”. Organic does not mean virgin. Virgin just means it wasn’t processed, refined, bleached, or deodorized. True virgin coconut oil is sold almost everywhere these days. Just read labels. The ingredients should say ONLY coconut or coconut oil and the label should tell you it was unrefined. Yes some Walmarts sell good virgin coconut oil. It has nothing to do with the distributor but everything to do with brand.

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