Coconut Oil Beauty Secrets & My Uses

I forgot to mention! I also use this an a deodorant! Since it is aintimicrobial 😉 Instagram @Charstarslove Th…

25 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Beauty Secrets & My Uses

  • ArtArtisteLLC

    I loved this video! I use coconut oil also for my skin and for the oil cleansing method. But I didn’t know it was a natural sun protectant, awesome!? I’m so happy to know that, thanks!…. 🙂

  • missbeautyandsexy

    love this video 🙂 and i`m happy that more and more? youtube gurus are going natural<3

  • ThePeterPetric

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  • ForeverJennicole

    I loved this video ur so informative I just bought coconut oil I love it but my bf doesnt? like the smell lol

  • Tom Waits

    Coconut oil is 98% saturated fat…so not really an alternative to saturated fat. It’s still good though. Saturated fat doesn’t? necessarily mean bad fat.

  • Fairy Char

    Thank you. I meant that it was a good alternative to trans fats like lard or bacon grease; it was on the tip of my tongue but came out wrong! It’s saturated but they are medium chain triglycerides which make them simpler to break down, along with their many other? benefits! Thanks for correcting and contributing

  • Fairy Char

    Thank you so much! Although I don’t think I am a guru, I have just always? loved and supported natural makeup!

  • Fairy Char

    I am glad !? I used it again last weekend at the lake, didn’t get burned! Works wonders! (even for sensitive skin)

  • Coco Gago

    I? put coconut on my face and I got acne. Is this just for girl skin care? I have a video in my channel called “coconut oil gave me acne”. Click my face to see?

  • Jeffrey Miller

    What? are you talking about? How is asking if she is a medical professional a stereotype? I am a male nurse.

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